Sunday, September 15, 2019

Ian McFarland draws in the curtains and lets the light in on "Luxury"

APTrack Review

Luxury by singer-songwriter /guitarist Ian McFarland is a peppy indie rocker with dark and light emotional vibes. It might be about shunning life momentarily to ultimately find happiness at least that is my take away. I do know that it moves at a fervent pace as life does with an almost (maybe) manic inspired chorus (lyrically) and then at some point get so cooly dreamy as the drums fall into half time beats and the guitars push psychedelic meets blues rock tones in such an absolutely beautiful way. McFarland's decision to make the track sort of bipolar is emotionally and artistically brilliant. McFarland is based out of New York and L.A. by way of New Hampshire. 

Robb Donker


Ian McFarland is a singer-songwriter original from Portsmouth, New Hampshire but has been on an artistic journey that has taken him around the globe playing shows as far as Barcelona, Spain to where he currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Ian McFarland is known to perform the bulk of instruments on his releases as well as recording the sounds himself wherever he happens to be. Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of music influences the young Berklee College of Music graduate has stood weathered the trials and tribulations of being a musician in a capitalist environment with poise. Having been in and out of a handful of bands starting in high school and extending through college, McFarland, decided to go solo in an effort to have an end of the line on creative decisions surrounding his composition. In his spare time Ian McFarland enjoys travel, the outdoors, writing music reviews for his own company Its Not Records, and watching sports. Currently in the studio creating two songs released as singles a month he is planning a move to NYC in 2019 to expand his network of artists and entrepreneurs.

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