Monday, September 16, 2019

Plumes' indie pop hybrid "Winter Getaway" from the "Oh Orwell" album is a layered cake

From the "Oh Orwell" album by Plumes, the moniker / indie pop classical hybrid project of Canadian singer-songwriter Veronica Charnley, the song Winter Getaway starts off with classical sort of chamber pop sounds and then shifts into indie pop tones with (to me) decidedly sort of  80's indie cinematic rock-isms. At once it feels both retro and fresh in different ways. Charnley's vocal performance is self aware, intimate and her beautiful melodies tell stories with an almost closed eyed dreaminess. The song eventually folds in on itself in a beautifully chaotic sort of way and then reconstructs with end credits rolling. 

Robb Donker


Plumes is an indie pop / classical crossover project centred around Canadian singer songwriter Veronica Charnley. Originally from MontrĂ©al now based in Paris, Plumes has released two critically-acclaimed albums and will be releasing a third album September 14th entitled “Oh Orwell”.
Blending classical music techniques with pop sensibility and using original texts as well as setting poems by poets such as Emily Dickinson, Goethe and Marina Tsvetaeva to music, Plumes is romantic and adventurous, bridging continents et d’univers divers.

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