Saturday, September 14, 2019

Wake up to the "Morning Smog" an ethereal dream rooted in classic sounds by "Age of Reason"

Age of Reason is the music project of Steve Hudock. Rather than have his compositions manifested by one set of musicians, Age of Reason is comprised of Hudock and a rotating curated singers and musicians who fit each song. The single Morning Smog is a dreamy set piece of both beautiful and haunting sonic imagery. Singer Julia Easterlin is the voice that takes us on a dreamy trip. The effect feels like baroque pop with pretty dalliances but underneath there is something ominous (or could be). There is a sense that there is. The wide eyed sort of art rocking leanings (I thought of Kate Bush a bit aesthetically). When the melodic lead guitar by Kenji Herbert with distorted chirps and pearly sustains the song kind of takes you to even dreamier places. The song, though, evaporates into thin air leaving you wanting to know what the story is all about but that is ok, not one second is wasted or boring. The other players are Christian Li on synth and piano, Steve Hudock on acoustic and bass, Elliot Danby on Drums. 

Robb Donker



Age of Reason is a music project by Steve Hudock that provides a platform for his compositions to be curated in a studio and not be constrained by any type of style, genre, or atmosphere. A rotating cast of musicians and singers is featured in the tracks to ensure that every song is a new experience for the listener, while the style of the compositions and the atmospheres in the production keep the consistency of the Age of Reason sound.

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