Friday, February 14, 2020

Johnny Franco's "Immediate Love" might be the sweetest treat you have this Valentine's Day


Hearing Immediate Love by Portland based Brazilian singer songwriter and musical provocateur Johnny Franco sort of made my day. It is simple but simply sweet. It also swings in surprising divergent ways when you least expect it. It makes you think of George Harrison a bit and for some odd reason Wes Anderson movies. I hope you take a listen to the sweetness. I would suggest you listen to the song alone before you see the filmic and kind of cheeky video so you can hear the song sans explosions (as charming as Franco's performance is).

-Robb Donker Curtius


Johnny Franco – Immediate Love

"Immediate Love" is the second single from Portland based Brazilian troubadour Johnny Franco. It's a soulful, intimate tune with a classic rock streak that gives off heavy George Harrison vibes. "And it's a long way to go, I'm only 24 years old…" And for a 24 year old, Johnny's "Immediate Love" comes off as light years ahead of his age while being polished and heartfelt. "Immediate Love" releases worldwide Feb 14 on Blanket Fort.

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