Friday, February 14, 2020

Edmonton-based Scenic Route to Alaska indie pop fever dream of "Daydreaming" (Official crazy video)

photo by Michael Kuby

The Official Video for Edmonton-based Scenic Route to Alaska's dreamy Daydreaming is truly a trip as directed by Johnny Jansen / produced by Amazing Factory. It stars Matt Clarke and, suffice it to say, it is best not to describe this fever dream but for you to see it. The imagery is amazing but it only exceeds on the coat tails of Scenic Route to Alaska's sound. Daydreaming starts with a shuffling drum beat and washed out harmonies, almost immediately the psych pop motif feels chill and dreamy. Trevor Mann's vox carry the sway in the tremble of his wail. The music is at once spartan but with snappy downbeats, Murry Wood's tightly wound bass lines, jangly guitars and Shea Connor's potent drums. The song ebbs and flows from sparse psychedelia and post indie rock eruptions. 

Robb Donker Curtius


Substance and accessibility. They’re often considered opposing forces when it comes to pop music, making it all the more impressive when a band like Scenic Route to Alaska so effortlessly delivers ample doses of both.

For two straight years between 2016 and 2018, the heralded Edmonton-based indie pop trio – Trevor Mann on lead vocals and guitar, drummer Shea Connor, and bassist Murray Wood – worked tirelessly scaling the summit of the Canadian and international music scenes. They dropped two acclaimed LPs – 2018’s Tough Luck and 2016’s Long Walk Home – that weaved memorable melodies and catchy vocals through compelling, musically-rich arrangements and earned a slew of awards and accolades on their backs. They’ve toured relentlessly across North America, Europe, and Australia and watched their global fanbase grow exponentially with each amplified chord.

After stepping out of the spotlight to write and workshop new material earlier in 2019, Scenic Route to Alaska have released their single “Give a Little” in October 2019, followed by an almost completely sold out tour throughout Canada. Now they are kicking off 2020 with the release of their newest single “Daydreaming” which is set to drop on Feb. 5th, 2020. This release marks the start of a jam-packed year that is holding a lot of new music for their loyal fans and new followers alike, including the release of their highly-anticipated fifth full-length after the summer.

Despite the nearly non-stop touring and unwavering determination throughout their time together, the three musicians have enjoyed every step of the journey. That was especially the case with their packed 2019 hometown performance on the main stage of the world-renowned Edmonton Folk Music Festival – a definite career highlight thus far. They’ve also racked up handfuls of awards, including a SOCAN #1 distinction for the single “Love Keeps” and a Western Canadian Music Award for Best Rock Act.

With “Daydreaming” and their upcoming new album, the band is revisiting its roots with a more organic, unfiltered take on their now-signature sound – or, as Mann puts it, “a truer representation of what we do when we get together and make music.”

As such, the recordings effortlessly capture the band’s exciting live performances, where the energy is palpable and the fun contagious. Always locked in with a syncopation that can only stem from a long collective history, the boys bounce from ballads to bangers with ease, leaving a lasting impression on any kind of audience in front of them. The band is perhaps best defined through dichotomy: young but mature, curious but collected, accessible but substantial. Such balance is all too rare in this scene, but thankfully, Scenic Route to Alaska strikes it with a style all their own.

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