Friday, March 27, 2020

Caleb Jacob's raw and cinematic words on "Sorry Momma"

"i'm sorry momma, i had to let out the truth"

Evocative words thrown down over somber keys on Sorry Momma by Caleb Jacob (Breneman) a Canadian-German hip hop artist based in Toronto, ON. that feel very raw and cinematic. Whether the words are based on real events or not, whether they are cast in poetic license or serve as caveats or allegories to be taken in, I like the images that this rap cast in my brain.

"I made this sad-toned song in form of an apologetic letter to my mother with a raw singer-songwriter approach. For all of the mishaps and all of the things that I did that I wish I hadn't done. This is a song to clear the air and to give an honest apology for the pain that I put my mother through." - Caleb Jacob

-Robb Donker Curtius


Caleb Jacob Breneman (born June 5, 1998), simply known by his stage name Caleb Jacob, is a Canadian-German hip hop artist based in Toronto, ON. Being raised in Calgary, AB, Caleb Jacob quickly became acquainted with the Calgarian hip hop scene, working with bigger local artists such as Transit22 and Curtis Waters, he was able to get a fix of the music industry and was immediately hooked. Once accepted into one of the highest ranked music schools in North America, Caleb Jacob shifted to the big Canadian city of Toronto.

With main influences such as J Cole, Ray BLK and Mac Miller, Caleb Jacob has developed a very unique sound. With his incredible musicianship and ability to be well diversified in the linguistics of music; his raspy, mellow toned voice can’t help but stand out in a room full of people.

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