Friday, May 29, 2020

The Brave Faces' churning post punk "Lots of Nights Out" floods over you

"running the race of life"

I have never been to Brighton (UK) but in terms of stellar bands it seems to be a bright spot, maybe it's the water, I don't know but The Brave Faces hail from there and their latest single Lots of Nights Out is utterly potent in the way it floods over you. Layers of staccato guitars and tom tom beats move at a whirlwind pace, as guitar lines chop away in wild ascensions and descensions, other guitars play counter-poised melodies. The vocal aesthetic feels like dark stoicism, a bit sad core but commanding too.

‘Lots of Nights Out’ is about getting to an age by which you’d always thought you’d have it all figured out, but you still haven't. You're in pain, you’re worried about getting old and you feel directionless.” says the band’s lead vocalist, Darrell.

“It explores and critiques the only ‘medication’ I had at my disposal at that time of my life: going out and getting drunk. It’s from the perspective of someone reflecting on their lifestyle, talking about the time they spend trying to escape and impress other people. This track is about taking a step back and seeing this mentality for what it was to me — fun, but ultimately exhausting and damaging. The end of the song tries to encourage anyone in a bad spot that things can and do get better”.

-Robb Donker Curtius



THE BRAVE FACES are from Brighton, UK. Influenced by 80s post-punk, shoegaze and contemporary indie, the band push forward bristling melodies and sweeping soundscapes. Latest single 'Lots of Nights Out' releases May 29 on Spotify and all major streaming platforms.

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