Saturday, July 2, 2022

Legwurk and the reflective melancholic beauty of "Panic"


""and don't even call when you push me out..."

'Panic', the word alone skates a bit of anxiety across your skin like a trail of ants crawling down you arm but the song "Panic" by Legwurk, the solo project of queer lo-fi bedroom pop icon Tani Kahn (guitarist/synth player in Still Woozy) and from her solo debut EP "I Have A Bad Memory", is a dreamy affair with a beautifully funky bass holding up vibrating synths and Tani's reflective evocative vox, "and don't even call when you push me out..." in a somber way. 

The EP, totally empowering and celebrating queerness & personal growth has a fair amount of cool shape shifting but all the tracks are held together with avant pop glue while dancing through Latin rhythms, hip hop bounces, Casio-fied pop, brushes with 90's East Coast art punkery, chill synth vibes, sideways twee pop and more. Stirred with melancholia, sagely power and even the synth whimsy of a Mentos Commercial, the EP feels utterly cool and totally fresh. 

Tani shares: "I called this EP “I have a bad memory” because I easily forget things except for the really really BAD stuff. The last two years have been intense, and these songs are my way of processing all those experiences and working through the bad memories. I moved to Brooklyn, fell in love with the wrong person, had a surgery with a really tough recovery, experienced panic attacks for the first time in my life, and lost some friends too early. I also stopped getting misgendered, met some amazing queer artists, got to perform all over the world, created my most vulnerable work yet, and felt my little gay heart opening up again. All these songs are about overcoming pain and relying on seasons changing. While the songs do have a sad undertone, I hope they make people dance, feel more confident and beautiful."

Tani Kahn (Legwurk) self-produced and wrote the EP from start to finish, it was mixed by Cole Williams (Bobbing), and mastered by Justin Weiss (Trakworx) and Jake Thornton (Still Woozy). Artwork Nicole Grambo.

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Hi I am Tani. I make music in a basement next to a very loud toilet. I love you for listening. Catch me on tour in Still Woozy whenever the world gets back to normal.

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