Saturday, July 2, 2022

Spencer Carlson and the Brit pop / grunge blend of "Rusted Crown" charms


"as we're lying in the dirt thinking I am mother earth, she is crying out to me and I can't get no sleep..."

Seattle, Washington based singer-songwriter, troubadour Spencer Carlson has a way with words and melodies and on "Rusted Crown" he injects lyrical charm with a patina of sadness. The mellotron tones, guitar rhythms and diversions into orchestral places may make you feel allusions to Brit pop, to The Kinks but other guitar shapes actually made me think of Kurt Cobain. The rock roots graced with either iconic modes whether British indie or Seattle grunge is moving either way and the blend of both is surprising and not surprising at the same time. Digging the easiness with which Carlson presents himself. His vocal aesthetic is sweet, charming but not overly so, just natural and therein lies his strength. 

-Robb Donker Curtius


Spencer Carlson is a Singer-Songwriter based out of Seattle Washington. Lyrically mused by desire, depression and anxiety, while finding hope and relief, he sings over a bed of carefully chosen chords or arpeggiated progressions. He combines the feel of influences like Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, and Thurston Moore into songs that sound original and unique.

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