Friday, July 1, 2022

Teen Mortgage and the noisy, guitar smashing enchantment of "Valley" (Official Video)


"inside your mind... inside your mind..."

"Valley" from Washington DC's garage punk duo Teen Mortgage, and from their 2022 "Smoked" EP, lives in a world of loud, of 60's psychedelia on speed that amps up the power but not the cadence, sludgy and unrelenting guitar heaviness that only departs to scream like slow motion car crashes creating the sound of slow motion metal bending until scratched and bleeding. I love the fact that Teen Mortgage is a duo. I love the fact that they sound like a fat car crash of Ty Segall's FUZZ, Metz, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Mud Honey pulverized and spit out into something else. That something else being like Teen Mortgage except 100% it's own thing

-Robb Donker Curtius.  

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Garage punk two piece Teen Mortgage climbed out of Washington DC's primordial hardcore soup in 2017. Drenched in the left - over fuzz and sludge of their local scene, the duo quickly bulldozed their way to a regional reputation after assaulting the publics' ears on incessant east coast tours and opening for notable bands such as Ron Gallo, Surf Curse, Big Business, Alex Lahey, The Chats, Bass Drum of Death, JEFF The Brotherhood, Mike Krol, The Coathangers, etc. 

In June 2019, Teen Mortgage sicced their ruthless EP "Life/Death" on the world through Brooklyn, NY's King Pizza Records. It has since sold out its limited cassette run and album cuts have earned sync deals with Vans Shoes, Evil Bikes, and Showtime series Shameless. The album also gained recognition as recipients multiple 2020 Wammies (The Washington Area Music Awards) for Best Punk Band and Best Punk Song for "Falling Down." 

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