Friday, July 1, 2022

AP Playlist: "Love, death and Taxes"


"I wonder if it's always been this stupid fucked up lose or win..."

The personally curated American Pancake Playlist is constructed full of deep vibes, dead on truths and a penchant for making you move and think. Over an hour of cross cutting indie rock, jangle pop, funky adorations, soul pop, and blended genre's galore. I am always amazed and feel blessed to be privy to so many talented artists who openly inspired me, move me and let me escape the fucked things that are happening in this world. Not escapist as to forget but a respite away from the horrible just long enough to recharge and fight again. 

If you like this playlist drop me a line on Facebook DM and let me know. If you want more regular curated playlists, let me know and, AND if you like an artist on this playlist take a deep dive into more of their artistry and support them too. 

-Robb Donker Curtius

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