Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Interruption Video - Jack White (and friends). A Tasty Musical Pie.

Love Interruption with it's Rolling Stone-ish clarinet riff and Ruby Amanfu's luscious buttery vocals accompanying Jack White is a tasty piece of down home musical pie. It is the first single from Mr. White's upcoming album entitled Blunderbuss. The official Love Interruption video features the aforementioned Ruby Amanfu on guitar and vocals,Brooke Waggoner on piano, Emily Bowland on clarinet and an unnamed pooch.

blun·der·buss/ˈbləndərˌbəs/ Noun: 

1. A short-barreled large-bored gun with a flared muzzle, used at short range. 

 2. An action or way of doing something regarded as lacking in subtlety and precision.


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