Monday, July 23, 2012

Bat for Lashes- "Laura" - Has Natasha Khan been drinking the Lana Del Rey Kool-Aid?

Bat for Lashes' "Laura" is a stunningly beautiful song that instantly embeds itself into your brain but I wonder if Natasha Khan has been drinking the "Lana Del Rey" Kool-Aid, (not that this is a bad thing)- as "Laura" sounds like a more polished ghostly incarnation of "Video Games".  The similarity in tone and chordal shifts made me think of Miss Lana instantly. Even some of the phrasings in the enticing melody makes "Laura" seems like "Video Games" big sister. It makes me wonder if the exquisitely beautiful "Laura" was somehow inspired by the rough around the edges "Video Games." Is it better to be the muse or the art? In the end, a million adoring Bats for Lashes fans will be too busy feeling the song instead of thinking about it... and maybe that is how it should be.
Adler Bloom