Sunday, July 1, 2012

Surfing, Money, Sex, Candy Eyes, and Wyatt Blair

August Issue 2012 Surfing Magazine Trailer

I was lead to this piece of promotional video because I love the hell out of Wyatt Blair's music. Surfing Magazine wisely chose his ultra charged "Shoot In The Night" off his Candy Eyes Album (which was released on March 1st of this year.) The guys behind this video did a super job of editing it to Blair's song which pumps as potently as the surfing displayed on the video. The trailer itself, which admittedly, is promoting an issue that in Surfing Magazine's own words is "devoted to sex, money and power in surfing" has a lot of sexy lingerie models in it as well as charts and graphs and guys chewing up the waves.

Even still, the blending of girls in their underwear with pro surfers and the inter-cutting of surfing just struck me as odd. Don't get me wrong, I love looking at beautiful scantily clad women like any average guy but it felt out of place here. Now let's get one thing straight. Surfer and Surfing magazine have always been porno magazines. Let me explain: I was, in another life, a pure surf rat who would be out in the water cutting it up every single day. One thing me and my buddies would look forward to was checking out the latest Surfer mag. We would gleefully paw over the latest issue at the liquor store (we couldn't afford to buy it) and get off on the glorious pics of guys on unbelievable waves doing incredible things. It was our porn really. The centerfold would not be a naked chick but raw naked, beautiful mother nature being ridden by some lucky ass surfer. YES, there was the occasional Hot Tropic suntan or bikini ads to enjoy as well  but the main boner material was always the surfing. Call me old fashioned but that is how I like it. Anyway, I will now get off my soap box- this trailer does still kick ass and the song is awesome!

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