Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Album EP Review: Dabble's Indie Pop Sways in an Experimental Fog

Dabble is a new project by David Von Hegedus and Daniel Bonilla, ex members of Natures Son whose self titled album was full of psychedelic tinged roots rock (I reviewed it here). As Dabble they trade in some of Nature's Son's retro house party music for lush and languid dream pop with experimental touches. I really love the sounds they have crafted. From the beginning track Restart with it's avant-garde feel you immediately know that you are not in Kansas anymore. So Why Lie and Timbre have big droning walls of sound. Bass, guitar and synth fill the spaces while a tight drum beat creates a lovely drama. The live room nature of the drum kit (sounds old school like two mics hanging from the ceiling) is amazing.The droning noise and buzz creates sonic images of traditional instruments in the mix. For example, in Timbre with it's almost Brit pop sway and slow motion dance dynamic you can swear you hear a sax line within the sonic fog. The result is dreamy in an almost narcotic way. While Dabble leans much more dream pop, I thought of The Flaming Lips a bit at times because of this slightly drug hazey musical undertone. Starting to Forget hinges on a bottom heavy organ with guitar feedback stirred in. Small Talk has dance hooks that pull you into the sonic fray. Of all the songs on display, it has the most playful feel with contemporary flourishes mixed with a new wave feel. At times I actually thought of Pharrell. I am not sure why. It sounds pop inventive, like maybe something he might of dreamed up or produced back in the Neptunes days. The musical bed Dabble create here would even serve well as a backdrop for hip hop flavors. The stair step bass line and pop conventions sparkle on this track.

Dabble EP is a wonderful debut. I cannot wait to see which direction David and Daniel take this project. Give it a listen. I think you will like the dreamy spaces they create for you.

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