Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Album Review: The Finks - "At The Royal Witherspoon" - Indie Sweetness

 At The Royal Witherspoon by The Finks (on the independent Aussie Label Milk! Records) is full of chill songs that lull you into a dream state. The music and temperament exists somewhere between The Kinks and Tomorrow's Tulips albeit with Aussie accents. The songs are deceptively addictive. Skinny White Girl shuffle beats into your brain and then slides down into your heart making you smile. A Minor Inconvenience also shuffles although at a bit speedier clip at least by The Finks standard. It seems that the overall tone on this record is somewhere between bittersweet and small town bored but the songs are not boring in the least because at their core they are very sweet and intimate really. Twenty-Too sways as a straight story about looking for love. Three Piece Suit with it's almost child like organ line has lovely melodies with the inclusion of Sarah Farquharson who also lends her sweet vocals on Twenty-Too. A total surprise is Alternate Histories that clues us in on the meaning of the Royal Witherspoon. Whether actually or fictionally, it seems to be the name of a movie theater. There is no singing in this song, instead it is a really a cool spoken word piece. A bit of engaging story telling about the authors experience making choc tops at the Royal Witherspoon. The spoken wordsmith is credited as Sam "The Fridge" Cooper and he paints charming pictures in your head. One of my favorite songs is the last one, Daddy Long Legs. The slow languid tempo and sparkly guitars makes me see slow motion waves. It is day dreamy and tucked deep inside are your own lovely memories that materialize while you listen.
Robb Donker

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