Monday, August 18, 2014

TRACK DEBUT: "Let's Get High and Fuck" Love Cop ft. Emotional of Melted Toys

"Let's Get High and Fuck" by Portland's (NYC transplants) stoner romantics Love Cop kind of feel like the 80's teen romance movie "Pretty In Pink" if it was directed by Rob Zombie. Now who wouldn't want to see that? Beneath the static, the drug haze like fog of noise beats some languid sweet melodies. The chilled out slow beat adds to the atmosphere enhanced by the lead lines and production of Brian Wakefield, aka Emotional, of San Francisco's dream pop band Melted Toys.

Will "Let's Get High and Fuck" ever be the first dance song at a wedding? That remains to be seen but when you are under "the spell" chemically induced or otherwise it is pretty dreamy.

Listen to it and decide for yourself. "Let's Get High and Fuck" is the first single from Love Cop's upcoming album "Dark Ones" due out in late December on Gnar Tapes and you can find previous (and current) Love Cop works on Burger Records, Gnar Tapes and Lolipop Records.

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