Friday, May 16, 2014

Gem of the WEEK: The Feel Bad Hit Of The Winter - Self Titled Album / Official video

The Feel Bad Hit Of The Winter are a 3 piece indie rock band from Kansas City, Missouri. Their sound is full on dynamic rock with interesting twists and turns. I can hear elements that feel like early 80's Brit / Mod  to progressive leanings to post punk to noise rock and more. As I listened to their 6 track self titled album on Russian Winter Records I was taken aback by the proggy nature that is always present, even in the slower tempo numbers. Bassist Richard Stone plays some really fluid lines constantly having his notes walk then run then pause at all the right moments. The drumming on Lend A Hand by FredstermaniA has all the fervent bipolar mania of Keith Moon. The guitar work by Ryan Leip (throughout) is crunchy yet carries it's own kind of post punk elegance too. In fact as rough and ready as the songs are many of them (like Smile) contain a sad underbelly which makes them even more endearing. This leaning to the heart of things is no more evident in the instrumental Chato which feels so damn bittersweet, yet hopeful at the same time. It is the musical equivalent of running to the light at the end of a tragic tunnel.

Sonically the album is a bit on the lo-fi side of things but not to the extreme. Mind The Monsters is a powerful almost anthemic feeling post punk song built on bass harmonics and those aforementioned active runs along with super dirty lush guitar. Both the guitar lines and vocals stray into dissonant places with great affect. Love this song. So Far No Good vaselates between a choppy feel to a more free open beat. It feels free form and jammy. Sleepwalking switches up tempos and catchy guitar melodies while all the while rocking and raging.

I implore you to check out The Feel Bad Hit Of The Winter's self titled album especially if you love powerful jammy indie rock that is heavy in musical and emotional dynamics. As always, if you love what you hear I hope that you will support this band by attending their gigs, spreading their name around and purchasing their music or merch.
Robb Donker

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