Saturday, May 17, 2014

DASH JACKET - OC Dream punk pop outfit is BACK @ Pehrspace with Post Life, Heathers, Arjuna Genome, Wide Streets, Flowergirl, Canyons, Media Jeweler - SUNDAY - MAY 18th

Dash Jacket are ostensibly an indie punk pop dynamic duo (out of Irvine, California) comprised of Matthew Towles and Thomas Lucero who both play drums and guitars switching back and forth. Both sing as well and I have seen them from time to time as a three piece outfit too. I apologize for not knowing the name of that "other guy." One thing I do know is that their catalog of projects on Bandcamp are all great. There last release, the 11 track Ten Thousand Things is a stellar piece of punk power pop brilliance. It was released on July of 2012. Sadly, rumors had it that Dash Jacket ended in September of that same year. Hmmm?? Maybe the rumors were wrong.

Whether this is a reunion performance of sorts or Dash Jacket never left, I don't care. I am just stoked to see them perform. They will be cranking out their dreamy tunes at the much beloved Pehrspace in LA with a ton of awesome bands including American Pancake favs Wide Streets, Canyons and Post Life.  Check out the Facebook Post Below:
-Robb Donker


Hey! Guess what? The stars are aligning and all of Dash Jacket will be in southern California at the same time! Which means this is happening. Additionally, this is a fundraiser for pehrspace's new liability insurance premium--your donations will directly go towards keeping the space open and running. Music and good humans and good vibes and ♥ ♥ ♥

Dash Jacket ("romantic echoes, in california, in drag, of course", "heart-on-DIY-Tiger-Trap-shirt-sleeve,"

Post Life (there are no words for how completely amazing this band is!

Heathers (POP with a heart drawn around it, and also lotsa feedback, fresh from being totally banned from the UK, no joke,

Arjuna Genome (the universe is indeed blinking,

Wide Streets (this band will not stop being the best, wtf,

Flowergirl (Harmoon, cactus cookie, girl-fi, ♥ forever,

Canyons (not to be confused with the geological formation of the same name, this band is way more awesome and powerful to behold,

Media Jeweler (like a deathsprint through a rainbow rainstorm of shattered sugar glass,

This will start during the day and go into the night, and there will be some sort of BBQ! We'll have some veggie burgers but bring something to grill if we run out!

This order has nothing to do with the actual order of the bands! That will be figured out in time. Honestly Dash Jacket should probably just open.

4:30p Canyons
5:15p Wide Streets
6:00p Flowergirl
6:45p Arjuna Genome
7:15p Media Jeweler
8:15p Heathers
9:15p Post Life
10:15p Dash Jacket

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