Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Apartment In The City" by Teen Men - Aloof yet deeply moving...

Teen Men reside in Wilmington, Delaware and their 2014 EP "Apartment In The City" is full of electro indie pop songs that float, twirl and boogie along propelled by earnest poetry and soothing vocals. For all the honey exhibited that is easy to swallow, there are some deceptively cagey moments like the proto punkish almost Talking Heads like rhythms of "It's All Rushing Back" or "Rene" which could be a mid-1970's soft rock song though it is more. The syncopated shuffle of "Hiding Records"coated in such lush dreamy vocals feels like a lovesick hug. For me the stand out piece is "The Sea, The Sea" with it's sadly comforting vocal melody juxtaposed against a steel drum sounding riff that feels right out of a Target commercial. The song is so cool as to almost feel devoid of feeling and yet it's sad sounding underbelly makes you feel a whole lot. Like the entire EP the song is aloof yet (deeply) moving.
Robb Donker

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