Sunday, February 7, 2016

Winter - "All The Things You Do" (Official Video) is to die for.

I shot Winter performing in Pomona, California back in 2014 and while I watched Samira describe the impetus for the song "Alligator" it was immediately clear that she was one of those rays of sunlight, of positive vibes in the world. You know, there are rays of light and rays of darkness and a million gradations in between. Samira has a presence that feels down to earth and positive. She puts her heartfelt emotions and experiences into her music. At that time she had only been living in Los Angeles for (I believe) a little over a year. She moved from Boston to LA (instead of New York) in 2013 and "Alligator" is about that move, about friendships, love and the journey that is life.

Rays of light tend to attract and Winter soon became part of the LA scene and released their first full length "Supreme Blue Dream" on Lolipop Records early last year. Winter's "All The Things You Do" released late last year (digitally via Burger Records) is a dreamy shoegazey slow dance of a song with a chorus that peppers goose bumps on your skin. If the evocative verses that have a tinge of minor chord Demarconess (yes that is an adjective I just made up) is the beach at sunset slow dance then the big lush chorus is the midnight kiss. The atmosphere of this track is so beautiful and the sounds are so well rendered. Just a bit past the 2 and a half minute mark there is a little musical break and the bass lines are to die for. Actually everything single second of "All the Things You Do" is to die for. Great song. Check out the video on Burger TV below.
Robb Donker

Winter is:
Samira Winter (guitar, vocals) 
Matt Hogan (guitar) 
David Yorr (bass)
Garren Orr (drums)

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