Sunday, May 29, 2016

4 Years Ago Before Pangea became Together Pangea....

4 years ago before Pangea became Together Pangea, the creative and fun loving team of Tony and Gabe shot the band performing some songs with Matt and Kyle from Audacity. The extra guitar power give the performances the six string umph of Diarrhea Planet-esque proportions. Very cool and something to keep in your personal time capsule. Check out another Pangea / Audacity performance and many more cool vids at

NOTE: I posted up about this back in 2012 but in a different way which included comments on the then new "Pangea" EP "Killer Dreams" you can check that out here

AND for those of you who don't know- Tony (Infante) and Gabe (Diaz) along with Alex Faciane and Nick Gil had a band of their own named Heroes and Heroines and while they seem to have been silent for a while they released 3 killer singles. You should check them out-

Robb Donker

Pangea (featuring Audacity) - No Feelin' from Tony and Gabe on Vimeo.

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