Sunday, May 29, 2016

VIDEO: Mumblr - "Three Leg Down" and the Single: "Microwave" from Upcoming "The Never Ending Get Down" album out 6/10 on Fleeting Youth Records

I posted up about the Philadelphia 4some Mumblr back in 2014 upon the release of their debut full length "Full of Snakes" (see review here: Mumblr's "Full Of Snakes" is Full of Sonic Gems") which was full of grunge rockish / punk / garage rock songs and while I found some of the progs a bit derivative of other bands it was the songwriting that shined through in a really big way. The aesthetic on that record felt like candid social commentary on their world and their town and I really love that. There are some truly stand out material on that record (go listen to it).

The "Three Leg Dog" video and the single "Microwave" shows yet another diverse side to their sound, feeling more art rockish / prog proto punkish to me. Sounds they touched on on their 2015 EP "Super! Premium! Deluxe!" Their new full length, The Never Ending Get Down drops on 6/10 on Fleeting Youth Records. I love what I am hearing and really look forward to hearing all the songs.

Lead singer/guitarist Nick Morrison on the album:

This album was very different for us musically. We were trying to break the punk/emo rock pattern that a lot of our older albums adhered to so we spent a lot of time pushing ourselves as players. This is also the first album our drummer Scott didn't produce. We met some great guys who run a killer studio in Philly called Sex Dungeon and they helped us develop our intentions in a very positive way. We knew we wanted to record the album totally live, which we had only done once before, so we spent weeks drilling the songs to make sure that everybody knew their roles for each track.

Most of the songs were based off of dreams I had so, for me, the writing process was like trying to record what happened in your dream after you've woken up. You get bits and pieces of the narrative and maybe a glimpse at some of the characters but you can never quite capture the visceral particulars or the vivid, surreal elements. That's what makes a dream a unique experience. So most of the record is very blue. It's kind of lethargic and the lyrics don't ever really complete a linear thought. There's no narrative and no real reason. They sort of just exist. So you can apply your own meanings and interpret them as you wish.

Robb Donker

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