Saturday, May 28, 2016

This Morning I woke Up Feeling Like Fidlar

Woke up feeling like a Fidlar song this morning so I thought I would drag out the videos that I shot of them (last year) at Shaky Knees and a cool vid from way back in 2013 at Burgerama. Having seen and shot them many times in California I gotta say that I was ill prepared for the packed audience who stuffed into one of the smaller stages at Shaky Knees. And clearly it was not people just getting out of the sun. The crowd knew the band and the songs.

I guess living in California basically my entire life gave me a kind of myopic view of the LA bands that I followed. Bands like Fidlar are such an intrinsic part of the So Cal scene that I never really thought of their impact in areas outside of California even though they have toured so extensively around the world. In fact, I would say that of all the bands at Shaky Knees they were one of the top 8 in terms of audience participation and just getting them emotionally up and moving. Been living in Georgia for almost 21 months and still missing that California music scene.

Enjoy people.

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