Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Echo Park Rising - Thursday Picks- Aug 18: The Eleventh Frequency, Pocket Rockets, The Regrettes, Sad Girl, The Fights, The Vivids, Egrets on Ergots

Oh how I loved to go to Echo Park Rising. I remember finding parking was always as hard as hell but once you snaked a spot you were literally in indie heaven and able to see tons of bands for free. Most of the venues are inside, some outside and in a few you could even grab up some free eats and drinks. Now I don't know if these perks will be available this year but the line up is amazingly huge and awesome and while traversing between venues will might get you a little sweaty and provide a good burn going in your thighs, in the end it will be all worth it. You might even make friends and you will certainly find some new musical addictions. I truly believe that whomever you see perform will be a great time but I do want to offer my picks for Thursday, August 18th.

Hope you can check out The Eleventh Frequency at 6 PM (Lot 1 Cafe) - The Pocket Rockets at 7 PM (Lot 1 Cafe) - or at the Echoplex, The Regrettes at 5:50 PM, Sad Girl at 6:40 PM and The Frights at 7:30 PM and at the Short Stop: The Vivids at 8 PM and Egrets on Ergot at 9 PM

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