Friday, August 19, 2016

Echo Park Rising - DAY 2 American Pancake PICKS-- for you Echo Park Risers- Rudy De Anda, Chicano Batman, Winter, Mating Ritual, So Pitted, Colleen Green, Bloodboy, Walter, Thee Commons, Batwings Catwings MORE

So now that all you Echo Park Risers have had one day of this expansive music extravaganza under your collective belts I am sure you have gotten the lay of the land down a bit. You know which bar to head into to chill for a drink, where to eat, how best to navigate from the Echo down to Loli-Pop Records to catch the buzz or what is the most efficient way to snake over to Taix by foot or when to succumb to a late night Uber call. You got it down and you are getting your mind in the indie fray and with each passing day of killer bands you will be in this glorious head space of fun and even inspiration. I truly believe that whomever you see perform will be a great time but I do want to offer my picks for Friday, August 19th DAY 2 of Echo Park Rising.

Hope you can check out Walter at 4:40 PM- So Pitted  at 5:30 and Chastity Belt at 6:20 (The Echo) - Mating Ritual at 7 PM  and Dear Boy at 9:30 both the Echoplex. Winter at 5:05 PM, Thee Commons at 7:50  PM and Chicano Batman at 8:50 all at the Liberty Stage.  On the Lost Knight stage - Bedbugs at 8 PM as well as The Knitts at 9:30 PM. Check out Maxie Dean at 10:15 on the Lost Room stage along with Miles Tackett at 11 PM. On the Spacedust stage - Pipe Dreams at 4:45 PM, The Blank Tapes at 7:45 and Rudy De Anda at 8:30 PM. Casandra Violet at 9 PM on the Semi Tropic stage. At Taix: Bloodboy at 9:10, Roses at 10 PM and Collen Green at 11 PM. And at Lot 1 stage : Young Lovers at 7 PM, Batwings Catwings at 8 PM and Cutty Flam at 10 PM.



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