Sunday, February 24, 2019

"Strike Up A Match" - elegant art rock painting from Mechanical Pterodactyl

Strike Up A Match by art rock outfit Mechanical Pterodactyl and centered around multi-instrumentalist / producer Yen Nguyen is a deeply dramatic fall into art rock artifices and dreamy sounds steeped in a surreal haze of romance. Nguyen's vocals, passionate and torn are eventually counterpoised by Jenny Lee's tender and yet equally artistically framed vocals. There is a self awareness to the performances here as if a story is being told on a stage in front of people. I love this aesthetic, the theatricality that flows through this entire song. 

Mechanical Pterodactyl are based out of Melbourne via Canberra (Australia) and are Yen Nguyen on vox, guitars, synths, sampler, drums and percussion with Jenny Lee on vox and keys, along with Munro Melano on vox, keys and synths and, lastly, Jimmy Annand on guitars. 

Strike Up A Match is the first single from Mechanical Pterodactyl’s second full-length album "Timelapse" which was written and produced all by Nguyen over a period of seven years.

Robb Donker