Thursday, February 14, 2019

"Tiger Owl" by Drew Pinchotti- a song for the starry eyed among us

Singer songwriter Drew Pinchotti based out of Chippewa, Pennyslvania crafts a big unabashedly inspired ballad, a gratitude song really written for a friend who needed strength. Tiger Owl has stars in it's eyes and, if not so earnest, might feel over melodramatic or even filled with orchestral fluff but the production filled with whimsy and an almost baroque pop sense of wonder is the real deal. A song for all the starry eyed among us. 

Tiger Owl will be on Pinchotti's upcoming debut EP "Million First Times"

Robb Donker

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  1. I really love this... beautiful, and the melody is haunting and sticks with you. Hope to hear more from this artist!