Saturday, January 15, 2011

Acrobatics Everyday

Ok, I do do acrobatics everyday and I am pretty, pretty good, if I do say so myself but the "acrobatics everyday" I am referring to is the promotional group out at UCI founded by Sam Ali Farzin. If you ever venture out to see an alternative rock band at UCI you undoubtedly have seen Sam. He is the tall, dark and bearded affable fellow who is orchestrating the whole affair. Setting up the PA, directing traffic, helping to get the tables up where up and coming bands can sell their t-shirts and cd's and tapes. He is ever present, lurking happily and keeping every thing flowing. I have never met Sam but I like him. He has taken the alternative music bull by the horns and put on shows at a time when there are less and less venues out there for bands.

Now back to Acrobatics Everyday. As I eluded to earlier, it is the name of a "UCI club that doubles as a campus-specific booking agency/show promoter" according to the OC Weekly. Read more about Sam and his endeavors here- it is an old article but it is always good to start at the beginning. I promise myself that at the next UCI show, I will walk up to Sam and thank him for all he has done for local music.

A couple of days before this post I  shot this black and white video at an Acrobatics Everyday show that featured Dagha Bloom, Airborne Age, Dash Jacket, The Lovely Bad Things, Moon Pearl, Tan Dollar, Ugly Girls, and Coastlines-- enjoy!

Past shows put on by Sam and Acrobatic Everyday include:
60-Watt Kid, Abe Vigoda, Adam Balbo, Adventure, Airborne Age, Alak, Alaskas, All Leather, A.M., Anna Oxygen, Astronautilus, Au, Audrie Olguin, Audacity, Avi Buffalo, Avocado Happy Hour, Axemen, Babel Fish, Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Back To The Future The Ride, BARR, Bathrobespierre, Battlehooch, Big Whup, Bird Names, BlackBlack, Blank Dogs, Blevin Blectum, Blessure Grave, Bleubird, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Blues Control, Bobby Birdman, Boo And Boo Too, Boom!, Boyz IV Men, Box Elders, Bri White, Br'er, Brown and Blue, By Sunlight, Calvin Johnson, Canyons, Capillary Action, Captain Ahab, Caucus, Chen Santa Maria, Children of the Kai, Chirgilchin, Christmas, Christmas Island, Clark 8, Cole Moldy Milner, Cosmonauts, Crash Normal, Crazy Band, Crocodiles, Da Bears, Dan Deacon, Dan Friel, Dash Jacket, David Jaberi, David Liebe Hart & Adam Papagan, Death By Panda, Deathday Party, Death Sentence: Panda!, Desolation Wilderness, Destroy Tokyo, Devon Williams, Diskettes, Doctor Bird, Drew Danburry, Dustin Wong, Dutchess & The Duke, Earn, Ear Pwr, Endless Bummer, Elis Im, Ellie Fortune, Emperor X, Eric Copeland, Eternal Tapestry, Extra Life, Ezra Buchla, Fabulous Diamonds, Faraday Trippers, Filkoe, Fixins', Foot Foot, Foot Ox, Foot Village, Former Ghosts, French Quarter, Friendship Hurricane, Fuzzy Knuckles, Generifus, Geronimo, Gestapo Khazi, Ghost To Falco, Glasser, Gobble Gobble, Golden Ghost, Gowns, Great White Jenkins, Greg Ashley, Greys, Growing, Guy Fantastico, Happy Hollows, Haunted Horses, Hawnay Troof, Henry Clay People, Hermit Thrushes, High Places, Hippocampus, Holy Ghost Party, Horse Head, Ian MacKaye, I Heart Lung, Imagine the Band, Indian Jewelry, Infinite Body, Italic Indian, Japanther, Jeans Wilder, Jeffrey Lewis, Jehovas Fitness, Jerkagram, J. Irvin Dally, John Thill, Joyce Manor, Judgement Day, Jules Verne, Julianna Barwick, Karl Blau, Kevin Greenspon, K.I.T., Kites Sail High, Light Rays, Little Desert, Littlest Viking, Lloyd & Michael, L'Orchideé d'Hawaï, Lovely Bad Things, Lucky Dragons, Luna Is Honey, Made In Mexico, Mae Shi, Mahjongg, Magick Orchids, Mandarin Dynasty, Married In Berdichev, Martîn and Joey, Mason Lindahl, Melted Toys, Miami Nights, Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Meho Plaza, Mermels, Mi Ami, Moon Pearl, Morgan's Orange, Mount Righteous, Mountshout, Mt Eerie / Microphones, Muddy Flowers, Muslims / The Soft Pack, Naked On The Vague, Naomi Elizabeth, NASA Space Universe, Nero's Day At Disneyland, Nicole Kidman, NGUZUNGUZU, Nobunny, Noveau, No Kids, No Paws (No Lions), OKIE DOKIE, OORUTAICHI, Palms, Pandora's Boxing Ring, Parenthetical Girls, Party Fowl, Persona La Ave, Peter Walker, Pharmacy, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Physical Forms, Pigeons, Piles, Pillars & Tongues, Pit Er Pat, Pizza!, Pink Reason, Pocahaunted, Ponytail, Pregnant, Problems?, Professor Calculus, PROTECT ME, Psychic Ills, Pure Ecstasy, PWRFL POWER, Railcars, Rafter, Rad Racket, Randy Randall, Rapid Youth, Rare Grooves, Red Pony Clock, Religious Girls, Ric Leichtung, Robedoor, Roman Candles, Ryland Bouchard, Sandwitches, Sasqrotch, Secret Fun Club, Sean McCann, Sex Worker, Shaky Hands, Silk Flowers, Silver Pines, Skeletonbreath, Some Days, So So Glos, Sprawl Out, Splintercake, Shark Toys, SLEEP∞OVER, Speculator, Soft Circle, Stag Hare, Starfucker, Stephen Steinbrink, Strange Birds, Talibam!, Tan Dollar, Tara Jane O'Neal, Tara Tavi, Talkdemonic, Tearist, Teen Daze, Tempo No Tempo, Tera Melos, Thao With The Get Down Stay Down, Thee Oh Sees, Times New Viking, Tommy Santee Klaws, Tomorrows Tulips, TRMRS, Trudgers, Twin Crystals, Tyvek, Universal Studios Florida, USAISAMONSTER, Viking Moses, Vivian Girls, Voice On Tape, Watercolor Paintings, Weed Diamond, White Leopards, White Mice, Whitman, Wild Thing, Wonder Wheel, W-H-I-T-E, Woman Year, Woodsman, Wounded Lion, Wummin, XBXRX, Yatagarasu, Yoshitake Expe, Young Prisms, Zodiac Killer, Zookeepers, Zoology, Zs.

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