Sunday, January 9, 2011

Floating in the Blogosphere with out a Life Vest

Why have I decided to start a Blog? I suppose the reasons are as many and scattered as there are blogs themselves. My intentions was to start a music oriented website that focused on embedded music videos of bands that I find interesting, especially local bands that deserve to have a spotlight shone upon them, (as if my upstart website would be a spotlight that anyone would even see), as well as a soap box for my random opinions on the music culture, politics, and life in general. I began setting up an evaluation site on Squarespace, in fact multiple trial runs and lo and behold, I never was able to even provide weekly content to finish out the trials. So as the trial American Pancake sites sat and decayed like road kill in the California desert I abandoned the thought of getting a site up at all. In these tough economic times I certainly was not going to pay for a site that I did not have the time or desire to build up. My daughter suggested I use Wordpress or Blogger to see if I even have the "sticktuitiveness", (my word not hers), to even keep a site going. So here I am. So far it has been a challenge but my task is at hand. I have modest goals. Simply write or post one thing at least every other day. It should be simple, right? We'll see.

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