Monday, March 7, 2011

Bruise Cruise- a sign of things to come??

When I think of Cruises on the high seas I think of many things: The Love Boat with Captain Stubing, senior citizens in Hawaiian shirts, food poisoning, and the occasional husband tossing his wife over the side. One thing that does not come to mind is bad ass alternative rock bands. Well, now after hearing about the "Bruise Cruise" this possibility will enter my brain matter.
How crazy is this??  Apparently it was a rousing success. Not only could you see the Vivian Girls or Ty Segall but you could actually hang with them at the pool. Check out the pics and article at Spin Magazine, (which seems to have some association with the cruise)-

Will this be the new thing?? Quite possibly until some hapless hipster who has had too much to drink topples overboard.
-Adler Bloom

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  1. What could be more fun than a 3 day rock 'n' roll vacation from Miami to Bahamas? That will be my dream vacation indeed.

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