Thursday, June 30, 2011

"You / Too Heavy" - Pek Pek - (EP) Album Review

If you are looking for a band that creates beautiful dream inducing noise pop on the fringe of dissonance, that uses a mandolin as a full force rock instrument and whose name is a term for vagina in Tagalog- then you need to look no further than Pek Pek. Their latest 7 song EP, “You / Too Heavy” feels large and impressive in scope with heavy bass lines, guitars that strain and fanning electric mandolin washed in reverb. Pek Pek (from North Hollywood, California) is Nathaniel on guitar and vocals, Lelani on electric mandolin, Trevor on bass and vocals and Christopher on drums.

“Mecha-Godzilla”, the only instrumental on the EP is a triumphant upheaval of sound. “Mary Terror” with it’s Flaming Lips style drums in an ice rink sound and shadowed vocals is a pure psychedelic head trip. “Oceans of Mud” has a break in the middle that could be Led Zeppelin reincarnated if they were on the garage rock noise side of the street. While much of the EP is anchored in power chords of ambient rock, Pek Pek reveal themselves to not be a one trick noise pony. “Bar People” begins with reflective sounding guitar lines that almost hypnotize you with it’s repetitiveness and then something surprising happens, the song pours into a bit more conventional alternative rock song that has lovely melodies amidst Lelani’s beautiful mandolin. The guitar progression and vocal melodies with the tight bass line and staggered drum beat could be a Radiohead song off of Pablo Honey (that is if Jonny Greenwood jammed on electric mandolin). This is not to say that Pek Pek sounds like Radiohead but that this song has similar tones while still retaining it’s own abstract quality. I really love this song. “Young Face” fades in and you get the feeling of walking into an empty gymnasium at a high school dance in an 80’s / 90’s teen heart break movie. In fact, I can hear a bit of the post punk 90’s feel throughout Pek Pek like Pavement or Buffalo Tom. “Vulture” has a free run away feel like Yuck live. “Vulturized”- sounds like a sad day dream, full of wistful reverb drenched harmonies.

It is not often that you hear such an impressive EP from such a young band. “You / Too Heavy” will leave sounds implanted in your brain that will sprout into dreamy beautiful noise. Be sure and give Pek Pek a listen.

Adler Bloom

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You / Too Heavy - Pek Pek

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