Thursday, June 2, 2011

Modest Mouse debuts two new songs at Sasquatch Music Festival

This past weekend Modest Mouse performed some brand new songs on the Sasquatch stage at the Sasquatch Music Festival in their home state of Washington.  To date, there have not been any reports if Sasquatch (Big Foot) attended the festival but we can all dream.

As you have probably heard. some tweets by OutKast rapper Big Boi were splashed all over the net back in April indicating that he was working with Modest Mouse.

"Me and @mouche1 (OutKast producer Chris Carmouche) in the studio workin with Modest Mouse on their new album Turnt up ! Shout out to Issac and the crew!"


"Been camped out in the Lab with Modest Mouse all week, workin on the new mouse LP, coolest cats ever. Long Live The Funk"

Well, rumor has it that these two new songs, Poison and Lampshades on Fire (love this title) may be the result of this collaboration of sorts. Check em out:

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