Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Rave ON Buddly Holly" - A big steamy pile on Charles Hardin Holley's grave.

NPR's Amazing First Listen Series is letting the world hear "Rave On Buddy Holly" where a host of wonderful artist's like Paul McCartney, Modest Mouse, Patti Smith, the Black Keys, Florence and the Machine, and MORE basically take a big steamy dump on Buddy Holly's grave!  Isn't it bad enough that this angelic Texan musical gem had to die tragically at age 22 AND that certifiably nutso Gary Busey portrayed him in a bio-pic (!!!), now all these well meaning folks have to perform startlingly banal renditions of his songs. It is not that a ton of love and respect wasn't mustered up in all these performances- IT is that Buddy Holly's songs are only his and his alone. His sound is so terribly and beautifully unique that covering his blessed songs is creative artistic- suicide. Go ahead cover the Beatles to your hearts content- but leave Charles Hardin Holley's songs the fuck alone.

Adler Bloom

Decide for yourself by hitting the link below but I warn you- you won't feel good the morning after.
First Listen: 'Rave On Buddy Holly'

Hear Covers By Paul McCartney, Fiona Apple, The Black Keys, Cee Lo And More

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  1. Well, damn, I must of been in a vile mood to post this scathing review of RAVE ON Buddy Holly. As I listen again, there are some rather nice versions of Holly's songs BUT I still contend that in comparison to the original songs they fail terribly. I think a better tribute would of been to do songs inspired by Holly's seminal work rather than do covers. After all, the magic of his songs are not only in the lyrical content and melody but the fact that they were forged in that specific time period.

    It would be as if someone took a 1952 Cadillac Coupe-de-ville and put plastic spinner hubcaps on it and painted it flat black! Just not kosher!