Sunday, July 24, 2011

BLOK - Jungle Dog Fang Hell - "video is as mind bending as BLOK itself"

Blok, what can I say?  To me, they are an inter-fusing of hip hop, Fellini, industrial, sci fi, tech,  Bauhaus and things yet to be defined. Damien Blaise, the musical mastermind, is part poindexter, part provocateur, who in another time could of been cast as the Fresh Prince's next door neighbor who drops in for comic effect and intellectual barbs. Gianna Gianna is a statuesque powerhouse whose gyrations are as large as her smile. Behind the punk wedding bride make up is a classic movie star face. Drop dead beautiful 1960's Italian actress Claudia Cardinale comes to mind. Jesse Saint John looks like a sci fi street urchin from Blade Runner whose moves look like they are strobe lit. Live, Blok are magnetic. Even if the sounds they are stirring up are not your cup of hip hop tea you will be compelled to pony on up to the stage and watch. They command your attention and you are happy to give it to them.

In the video for Jungle Dog Fang Hell (a catchy as hell song) they have coupled up with video director Montana Casey. As you will see, it is a wonderful marriage of styles. Montana has taken the creatively arduous task of translating Blok's music to imagery with masterful effect. The video is as mind bending as Blok itself.


Montana Casey - 

Claudia Cardinale -


  1. In a sea of sameness they are different which is refreshing- if you have not seem them live plan on it-
    they have some upcoming shows-

    thanks for checking AP out