Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Lovely Bad Things - I Just Want You to Go Away- in the Trashpretty "basement"

The Lovely Bad Things get the crowd sweaty and moving in the Trashpretty "Basement"-
A few observations- Brayden's (drummer) vocal mic is so low that it might as well be off which is a shame as he sings the lead chorus line. Lauren's (guitar) guitar string wind is extra long... I mean really long. You could poke a moshers eye out with that thing. Cam's (guitar) hair is characteristically in his face like it always is and should be and Tim (bass) with his dark sunglasses is looking very Jackie O.

Despite any technical difficulties, the song rocked the crowd and "I Just Want You to Go Away" is destined to be a commercial hit, at least as much of a commercial hit it can be with the lyric containing one of the 7 words you don't say on radio (or television). The anti love song while emotionally wrought has some stinging barbs in the lyrics indicative of a relationship gone really bad. The opening lyric sets the tone, (Lauren sings) "Wherever you go... I'm not gonna follow... We're not on the same side of things anymore"- Equally witty barbs run through the chorus - (Brayden with Cam on backing vocals sings) "And the boys that hear you sobbing... Don't Give a Shit. I don't know what I'm searching for but I know that you're not it. Where have you been all my life so I know where you can stay. I don't know what I want anymore... I just want you to go AWAY"-
Who could not relate to this song??

You can hear the studio version here: I Just Want You to Go Away

Adler Bloom

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