Thursday, September 22, 2011

"We had Joy, we had Vomit, we had Seasons in The Sun" Girls - Vomit is as polished and shiny as a 66 Cherry Red Mustang

Girls latest album Father, Son, Holy Ghost is pretty much like the 1966 Cherry Red Mustang Convertible featured in their video for "Vomit". It is polished, shiny, wonderfully produced but creates memories of days gone by. A lot of the gleam is the result of Christopher Owens voice that has a child like innocence wrapped up in a stoner's glaze and, in some way, is reminiscent of the 70's one or two hit wonder Canadian Terry Jacks.  Both singers voices possess a kind of "golly gee" hopefulness with an underlying current of sadness- sure Jacks was a great deal further on the pop side but their commonality makes me wonder if the Kanook was also in the Children of God (?).

Adler Bloom

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