Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Look- Gianna Gianna - "All Encompassing"

Performance artist Gianna Gianna who usually stirs up mind bending sounds with the undefinable BLOK is strutting out on her own, first releasing a book of her art and musings and now a solo musical project. The first glimpse into her sound without BLOK is "All Encompassing" which is currently available for free download at As I pushed play with some trepidation, I was surprised that this song didn't burst out with the kinetic energy that is Blok. Gianna Gianna smartly goes in another direction twisting your senses with tribal tom tom beats and not really any accompanying rhythms except for some ambient sounds and chordal drones. This leaves only Gianna's voice that hits tones and melodies that remind me of East Indian folk music coated with a heavy "not of this world" patina because of the vibe and effected mix. Amidst the meditative cadence and Gianna's vocal theatrics, she also utters percussive sounds and pops with her lips. The result is a hypnotic mix that conjures up both other cultures and other species at the same time. I referenced Ridley Scott's Blade Runner when I reviewed BLOK's video Jungle Dog Fang Hell and with "All Encompassing" - Luc Besson's The Fifth Element comes to mind as it sound like a song that should exist in another place, another time and maybe even another solar system. This is a sonic tripfest so you might not want to listen to this while you are driving lest your mind (and car) wanders to other places. Gianna Gianna is both femme fetale and femme cerebral and proves, once again, that she is a force to be reckoned with.
Adler Bloom

Experience- "All Encompassing" here.

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