Friday, October 28, 2011

Man Man at the Ukranian Cultural Center- FYF Presents on Oct 27th - Live Review

 Upon the beautiful stage of the Ukrainian Cultural Center, Grandchildren opened for Man Man, with their obvious bouncing eccentricity that is similar to that of the headliner. This six member group was clad in fine clothing and sported well groomed beards. They played emotional serious music that loudly enthused the crowd. They also use wind and brass instruments as Man Man do. A band I had formerly never heard of, I now want to hear again and again.

Man Man initiated their set with their newly released video for “Piranhas Club”, and their fairly new “Rabbit Habits” video. The stage was dark except for red strings of lights adorning their equipment. The fans sang along to the videos, and cheered as well. The audience was happily excited, awaiting the endless energy and fast funk of Man Man. They introduced their fine set with “Feathers”, a beautiful song which I had hoped they would play. They then played my favorite “Top Drawer”, which forces heads to bob with its strong drums and loud keys. Man Man swiftly transitioned into “Dark Arts” which you can’t help but shake your hips to. They then played a salsa-esque tune entitled “Haute Tropique” that everyone danced along to. This mysteriously sensual song powerfully seduced us all. The audience reached for Honus as he quickly changed costume and sang into his vintage style microphone. They actually played “Rabbit Habits” in its entirety, which sounded beautiful live, while the music video played in all of our minds. As Honus looked deep into the wild eyes of the audience members, they cranked out “Bangkok Necktie” which is off of their masterful new album Life Fantastic. They followed with “Shameless”, which is of course featured on my Best Songs of 2011 list. It is an emotional song, and truly is one of the best. Honus got out his acoustic and we all knew that “Steak Knives” was to be played, a mellow song with lyrics of love. With Honus in his gorgeous green sequined shirt, they closed their set with “Van Helsing Boombox”, another song chock-full of heart. Man Man played a perfect ows like this are the reason I fucking love Fuck Yeah Fest.
Alyssa Holland


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