Sunday, December 11, 2011

Girls @ The Galaxy Theater 12-07-11 LIVE Review

Girls has come a long, long way from their 2008 vinyl release of "Lust for Life"- gone is the stripped down lo-fi sound born out of bathroom or garage recordings. Christopher Owens love sick compositions may have become a little less intimate but the grander productions also have increased their emotional weight. At the Galaxy in Santa Ana, California- Owens and bassist / producer Chet White surrounded themselves with talented musicians and 3 back up singers equipped with amazing voices and energy. Evan Weiss from Slang Chickens / Papa on guitar and his drummer brother, Darren from Papa have been a constant on this tour and it was a kick for me to see them lending such wonderful musical support as I have been a long time fan of their own bands.

From the opening song, "Laura" (which felt so large and lively it felt like a Christmasy Phil Spector produced number) - Girls did not give the appreciative audience much time to do any thing else but eat them up. "Hellhole Ratrace" and "Vomit" were absolutely stirring although I would of loved to hear "Lust for Life" as it's former lo-fi self. Besides that wish- the show was awesome. "Honey Bunny" induced crowd surfing and "Heartbreaker" compelled someone (you know who you are) to brave the Galaxy's crack security and successfully stage dive. Kudos to Evan Weiss for sending chills up and down my spine with his lead work on "Myma." After ending their set with "Love is like a River" - the crowd wanted more. Girls encored with "Morning Light" which churned up the mosh pit even more and another successful stage dive (you know who you are again). Two more songs and the evening came to a close.

Papa opened up for Girls on the main stage and Burger Records staged a show in the Constellation room featuring Tomorrow's Tulips, The Lovely Bad Things and Salsa Chips. I was able to catch almost all performances and all the bands involved played great sets and were well received.

You can check out some of the performances below- and check back as we still have more videos to post up on our YouTube Channel Americanpancakelive.


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