Sunday, December 4, 2011

"The Scene of Allen Young"- What does this mean???

Yes, the title of this OC Weekly article is gratuitous and may or may not reflect the comic hyperbole intended by those who uttered it in the first place and yes, the Lovely Bad Things are not going to release a 45 inch vinyl (although I would like to see one of those), and, yes, YES, these interview snippets (so well conducted by Taylor Hamby) that ended up on the cutting room floor are very funny but I don't care! I mean, I do not give a shit about any of that. What has gotten under my skin, deep in my cross word puzzle brain is the "Scene of Allen Young." Apart from the fact that this would be a great name of an indie band, what the hell does this mean?

Let's step back. For those of you who haven't read the aforementioned article, this guy.... um, NO... let me stop here. Go read the article while I go brew some hot tea, then come back and read on. LBTS Almost Murdered.

(10 minutes later)  Ok, ok I had a cup of tea and a freshly made double chocolate brownie. Now that you are up to speed, what in God's name is that stranger referring to? I decided to go where all dicks go, (as in detective... although some have referred to me as such in a non investigative manner) straight to Google of course. A cursory look reveals a couple of good prospects. William "Allen Young" is an actor who did have a recurring role on CSI Miami. CSI obviously stands for Crime "Scene" (get it) Investigation who, I might add, would be called if you did, indeed, MURDER someone and the murduree / victim was found. Viola! Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Why would the strange man refer to this particular actor and not the buhzillion other actors who have been on CSI? Why did he not say "Scene of David Caruso or Emily Proctor"-?? I DON'T KNOW.

A deeper Google Search leads me to an Allen Young who is a journalist living in the Frisco area which, I MIGHT ADD, is a mere 900 miles from Tacoma. Hmmm, hmmmm... AND he reports on the goings on in government, which, I MIGHT ADD are replete with cover ups and besides he looks a little too much like Jim Carrey! Why is this pertinent. I DON'T KNOW but it could get pretty annoying having paparazzi following you around people asking for your autograph at every turn. This could, quite possibly, drive you nuts and find you driving around in a van with 3 girls and creeping out indie bands on the side.

(This really is Allen Young- Freelance Journalist: - NOT Jim Carrey)

Anyway, this dick is tired. I need another brownie.
- Adler Bloom


  1. Allen Young doesn't really look like Jim Carrey.
    He looks more like a young Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet from Heroes)