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SXSW St. Patty's Day 2012- Beach Fossils, Lovely Bad Things, We Were Promised Jet Packs, Harriet, Jacuzzi Boys, Off, Wavves, Cosmonauts, The Audacity, Kids These Days, Young Buffalo and MORE

I hope the SXSW party goers and performers remembered to pack an article of green clothing as SXSW and Saint Patricks Day converge. I predict the added jolt from the leprechauns are going to make today one to remember for those who are lucky enough to attend the music fest. There are so many amazing acts to see and here is a spattering of the ones American Pancake recommends. HAVE FUN! Click on the names to find the official set times (info gathered from the official SXSW site and American Pancake)

Beach Fossils:   Beach Fossils is a Brooklyn-based group, formed in early 2009 by Dustin Payseur. After signing to Captured Tracks and quickly pulling together a live band, they took off playing countless shows across the U.S. gathering a slew of devoted fans in their wake. In May of the same year, their debut LP Beach Fossils met with favorable reviews and became known for its jangly, single note guitar style, dusted with summer-fueled romance.

Rich Aucoin:  With a carnival spectacle of a live show, Halifax's symphonic-pop poster boy Rich Aucoin is a musical mastermind. Sing your swelling heart out, dance among a cloak of confetti, just don't stop the sonic alchemy.
Part indie-rock preacher, part wonder-kind, Aucoin's We’re All Dying To Live (Sonic Records), is a musical scrapbook compiling over 500 musicians, friends and fans from across Canada. Produced by Rich Aucoin and Joel Waddell, mixed by David Wrench (Caribou) and mastered by Nilesh Patel (Daft Punk, Justice), We’re All Dying To Live is a testament to the
metamorphic magic of music.

Said The Whale: In the five years since Said The Whale formed, the band's hook-heavy, pop-rock sound has propelled them to successes that include a nationally televised documentary, a JUNO Award victory, and a seemingly endless series of tours around the globe. In an age of overnight internet sensations, theirs is a true grassroots success story.

The Lovely Bad Things:  The Lovely Bad Things are so much fun that you’ll want to bottle your sweat for the next time. The young quartet, straight outta La Mirada, fashions undeniably hooky, unfailingly cathartic proto-punk that abides all traditions of garage rock — biting guitar riffs, furious rhythms, shout-sung lyrics and more than enough ’tude go with their tunes. Little surprise, then, that Camron and Brayden Ward, Timothy Hatch and Lauren Curtius have been making noise in the DIY community, and soon the Lovely Bad Things’ scene figures to grow larger. Their recent EP is titled “New Ghost/Old Waves,” a cassette release from Burger Records whose contents will make their way to vinyl via Volcom Entertainment come March. Like some of L.A.’s favorite hell-raisers — the Growlers, Tijuana Panthers and FIDLAR — the Lovely Bad Things revel in the unvarnished glory of the ’60s and ’70s. Not such a bad thing at all. - Kevin Bronson of Buzzbands
We Were Promised Jetpacks:  Following closely in the footsteps of The Twilight Sad and Frightened Rabbit, We Were Promised Jetpacks are yet another hugely talented young Scottish band added to the FatCat roster. The 4-piece came to our attention when listening to some of the friends on the Frightened Rabbit Myspace page. Though recent months has seen the band tour the UK with their aforementioned friends, the four preceding years have consisted of local gigs in and around Glasgow and Edinburgh, allowing WWPJ to find their sound and hone their live performance.
Zookeeper:  After fronting 90s emo stalwarts Mineral and the 00s artier rock abstractionists The Gloria Record, Chris Simpson has settled nicely into his own more autonomous work with Zookeeper. Sixties folk, rock, soul and jazz influences find a freedom of expression and an earthiness here that seem worlds away from his past without losing any of Simpsons characteristic sincerity and emotionalism.

The Audacity:  Back with vengence and an upcoming sophmore album, audacity take to Austin this year with youthful exuberence. Formed when they were only 14 years old, the members of Audacity connect with a musical lineage that stretches back about as far as their ages combined. The music invokes trails of Todd Rundgren’s A Wizard, A True Star, as well as the best work of the Modern Lovers. Twisting in those influences with geographic touchstones like the Descendents and the Adolescents, Audacity crafts tunes that trade in hooks and fun amidst a rush of volume and youthful enthusiasm.

Young Buffalo:  These guys are a bit of a mystery but their music explodes in your mouth like Pop Rocks. Out of  Oxford, Mississippi, Young Buffalo is Ben Yarbrough and Jim Barrett who trade off on all instruments. Tasty, vibrant, catchy indie rock. - Adler Bloom - American Pancake 

Jacuzzi Boys:  The Jacuzzi Boys’ practice space is like most any other -- crammed with gear along with one of the guys’ record collections. But their band room happens to be located in a trailer tucked just inside Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park on gorgeous Key Biscayne, FL. Just a few feet from their amps: tropical paradise. This is an area home to weird animals and buttonwood trees, located on an island just outside of Miami. “Miami is not known for producing many good bands,” bassist Danny Gonzalez concedes. “So, quite frequently we get asked, ‘would you ever consider moving?’ Our answer is always, ‘No!’ This is where our friends and family are from. Miami is such a part of the Jacuzzi Boys, as important as any musical influence.”

 The Pauses: The Pauses' (who prefer that their possessive noun-ing be spelled Pauseses) overall sound is one anchored in complexion and combination, a world where guitars are BFFs with synthesizers, horns, bells, and ukuleles. Tierney Tough's bright, fresh voice - which fits nicely between Metric's Emily Haines and Feist - glides just as easily atop the breathy sparkle and agile math of Rock Band track "Go North" as it does the indie-pop sway and post-hardcore torque of "Beyond Bianca." From the serious, atmospheric mood of "The Migration" and "Pull the Pin" to the lithe, glitchy charm of "Hands Up," The Pauses got mad range, often in the same song. Rooted in the dynamics and ethos of '90s indie rock, their sound is a balancing act between rock and electronics, airiness and heft, suppleness and angularity. And their debut album, "A Cautionary Tale" (produced by J. Robbins of Jawbox and Burning Airlines) shows that you can explore without losing your core.

 Kids These Days: Kids These Days comes from Chicago but their music comes from everywhere. With horns, a rapper, a blues-rock trio and a female singer, KTD blends a wide range of influences -- hip-hop, jazz, soul, blues, and classic rock -- into a unique, fresh sound that breaks boundaries while honoring America’s musical heritage.

Hands and Teeth: Hands & Teeth, a Toronto-based experimental pop group, demonstrate what can be created when friends unite through a love of complex harmonies and fine food. What began as a series of casual dinner parties with colourful soundtracks quickly blossomed into an invigorating, full-time musical project. Each of the band’s five members takes an active role in all elements of production – from composition to lead vocals to engineering. Four of them even reside together in a live-in studio in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood. This highly collaborative atmosphere is what brings Hands & Teeth’s artful fusion of pop, classical composition, angular guitar rock, lush vocal arrangements and inventive rhythms to life. Their songs tastefully sweep from whisper-quiet ballads to roaring anthems – a pitch-perfect reflection of each member’s eclectic musical past, rich on-stage presence, and unparalleled dedication to the creative process.

Off:  Then AS Now: You know the names and pedigrees. Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks), Dimitri Coats (Burning Brides), Steven McDonald (Redd Kross) and Mario Rubalcaba (Hot Snakes/Earthless/Rocket From The Crypt) are OFF! They are the force and spirit of L.A. punk circa ’78 resuscitated, reconstituted and re-imagined for a similarly uncertain age. The band released their debut 7”, 1st EP, in October of 2010. Three more would follow, all ultimately assembled in the First Four EPs vinyl box set & CD compilation: 16 tracks in just over 17 minutes, featuring inimitable cover art by Raymond Pettibon, the man & artist behind Black Flag’s visual mystique. The critical acclaim poured in—Pitchfork, NPR, the L.A. Times, etc.—followed by a slot on the prestigious Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA, and riotous US, European, and Australian tours.

 Voxhaul Broadcast:  Life could have been much different for these four childhood friends if they had followed the paths that were strictly enforced on them. David Dennis (singer) was the son of missionary parents that traveled the world, living in Russia, India, Singapore and Hong Kong. When his parents separated, David’s father would not allow him to play guitar. David secretly taught himself how to play at his mother’s on the weekends. As David was growing up around the world, Kurt Allen (drummer) and Anthony Aguiar (guitar/ keyboards) met at the age of four when Anthony’s family moved on the same street in Southern California. Kurt, the son of a Vietnam veteran, was raised in hopes he would one day join the Marines and Anthony grew up in a very strict Catholic upbringing. Neither family encouraged the boys to pick up any instruments and start a band, but these two fell in love with music when they first heard Nirvana. It was at that moment they knew what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives.

 The Henry Clay People: Loud rock n roll music with some heart made by 2 brothers with the help of 2 life long friends... Having spent the last few years releasing a couple albums on TBD Records ("This Is A Desert EP" and "Somewhere on the Golden Coast"), touring with Drive-By Truckers, Against Me!, Silversun Pickups, etc..., playing Coachella, ACL, Lollapalooza, Sasquatch, etc..., their new full length "TWENTY-FIVE FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES" comes out late Spring 2012 on TBD Records

TRMRS: "A lethal dose of surfy, gritty garage psych-rock with just the right amount of fuzz to keep you coming back for multiple helpings." - STYROFOAM DRONE
"...pop music with a hangover. There are tempo changes, 60’s bass lines, distortion, reverb and chanting, with layered vocals all over the place.” - GET BENT!
Southern California quartet TRMRS (pronounced "TREMORS") will tour this Spring with psych/garage favorites The Growlers, including some dates with Seattle's Night Beats and performance at Austin's SXSW. The tour will lead up to the release of the split 7" with Night Beats on Volcom Entertainment & Resurrection Records, including tracks "Goodtime Blues" and "Enter the Door," currently available digitally at

 Retro Stefson:  Through countless formative live performances and the crafting of a collection of superior pop songs, ultra-talented Icelandic octet Retro Stefson have mastered the art of moving a crowd to the brink of sheer ecstasy - and keeping it there for as long as they wish.
Armed with an immediate and charismatic stage presence along with a highly impressive arsenal of songs, Retro Stefson always border on the right side of pop; the side that’s creative, cool and constantly pushing the envelope. They regularly sell out their native Iceland’s largest concert halls and top the local charts, all the while converting hordes of overseas fans with tours in Europe and beyond.
… and they’ve only just begun!

 Madi Diaz:  “When I was a teenager,” Madi Diaz recalls, “my dad and I would hang out in the living room and learn songs by bands like the Eagles and Alice in Chains. We’d pick parts to harmonize and sing our way through them, over and over. My dad would get so excited when he figured out something by Yes or the Mamas and Papas, then he’d let me pick my favorite Silverchair song or whatever I was obsessing over at the moment and we’d learn it together, too. It was the best.”

 Turf War: Known for rowdy shows and catchy rock songs, Turf War started in 2008 as a bedroom solo project for lead singer John Robinson and quickly turned into a full band with Brian McGrath filling in on drums and backup vocals, Cecil Moss on Guitar, and Bradley Morris on bass. They created a sound reminiscent of early Replacements and brought on a full party attitude to their live sets.

 Cosmonauts:  Cosmonauts are Fullerton California's premier psych punks. They have been making music for a short time, but have toured nationwide, and have a slew of tape, LP and 45 releases on Burger and Permanent Records. Imagine if Brian Wilson came out of his acid phase, put on some leathers and started playing house parties to black punks in Oakland California, That is the insanity behind the supersonic sounds of the Cosmonauts! Be sure to check out their self titled LP, 7inches on Goodbye Boozy and Bad Afro, and upcoming LP!

The White Eyes:  Female lead singer Gao Xiao-gao is getting pretty famous within Taiwan's and China's indie scenes for being outrageous on stage, including showing up for one gig wearing a nude leotard painted to look like she really was buck naked. The entire scene did a triple take on that one, both at the show and the next day on Facebook. Formed in 2004, White Eyes takes their name from a Taiwanese expression for people who say out loud those embarrassing things that everyone knows about. They've opened for international acts The Music and These New Puritans in Taiwan, were named best indie band at Taiwan's 2009 Hohaiyan Music Festival, and their gigging experience covers Taiwan, China and Japan. The White Eyes debut album "Kiss Your Eyes" was recorded in Beijing and later mastered in New York by Greg Calbi, who's worked with Sonic Youth, Pavement, Interpol, MGMT.

Harriet:  Harriet is a Los Angeles-based band fronted by former Dawes member Alex Casnoff. The quartet's self-released debut EP Tell The Right Story was released on January 31, 2012 and is available for free download at www.HarrietMusic.Com. Inspired largely by classic storytelling and the spectacle of the movies, Tell The Right Story weaves eerily romantic ballads with unwavering anthems, and features classic elements of Americana and folk music contrasted with futuristic electronic samples and beats.

Zeus:  Few bands can be simultaneously timeless and relevant, but that’s exactly the hi-wire act Zeus has become as a new millennium hit factory set for a triumphant return with the release of sophomore full-length Busting Visions.
The album follows 2010 Polaris Prize-nominated debut Say Us, which topped CBC charts, won XM The Verge’s award for Album of the Year, garnered stellar reviews from top rock mags like Q and Uncut and led to shows with Broken Social Scene, Metric, Sam Roberts Band, Bright Eyes and Belle & Sebastian.
And with all of this, Busting Visions finds Zeus already hitting the ground running.

Wavves: L.A.'s Wavves follow up their 2010 skuzz-pop masterstroke King of the Beach with Life Sux, the debut release from singer Nathan Williams' Ghost Ramp label. If the band's previous records were all about one man's self-loathing, this six-song EP takes that sentiment and generously expands it outward, telling the tale of two loathsome characters locked down in Bummertown. What follows is a downward spiral of wrecked cars, impossible dreams and fading faith set to pop-damaged punk and squalling grunge, and featuring collaborations with musical BFFs Best Coast and Fucked Up. Also, it's fucking fun, though in Williams' words, "If you hate yourself and other people, you might like our record." Williams has come a long way from his parents' San Diego pool house, where Wavves was born during a jobless bout in 2008. A series of small-run 7-inches and tapes paved the way to the buzz-building self- titled and semi-self-titled LPs Wavves (Woodsist, 2008) and Wavvves (Fat Possum, 2009). Both were praised for their inimitable brand of experimental surf skronk and lo-fi loser anthems, notably swathed in pot smoke and isolation. King of the Beach, recorded in Mississippi with producer Dennis Herring (Animal Collective, Modest Mouse), kept that blessed spirit alive but displayed a set of fuzzed up, fleshed out confections, and found Wavves expanded to a ripping trio, including current bassist Stephen Pope.

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