Sunday, April 15, 2012

American Pancake- My Maudlin Cover of Moonage Daydream and other thoughts

Head space... sometimes you get in a bad one. It is not something I like to stay in too long but when it happens, when I am feeling down, I always gravitate to my 72 Guild Jumbo and play some music. Usually, it is a time to write some silly song that never comes to fruition but sometimes it is drowning myself in an iconic cover. This was the case last night as I lamented not being able to go to Coachella and, seemingly, not being able to contribute to my blog very much lately.

Blogging takes more time than you think and all bloggers struggle with the time they can contribute (to their ruminations on whatever) as they spend all that other time working their day job or going to school as well as other commitments. Every now and then (lately it has been often) I have let myself slip into workaholic mode with my day job. It is a frustrating, dreary balancing act and sometimes I feel like I am imprisoned by it. That being said it is of my own doing.

I have also added another challenge into the skewed equation that is my life and that is trying to get in shape. I began that crazy ass "Insanity" fitness schedule about a week ago and have already fallen off the wagon missing one day because to not do so would of put me way behind on a project at work (yes, I have a rescuer complex)  and if that isn't bad enough, two days ago I hurt my right foot while doing the high knee jumps!  All, this had put me in that negative head space resulting in this maudlin cover of David Bowie's Moonage Daydream done up quickly at around midnight on a Saturday night. Isolated with my thoughts, myself and the need to sing and play I pulled out my trusty Zoom Q3 pocket recorder, my aforementioned sweet Guild and did it up live. No bells and whistles. The Ty Segall footage was handy and somehow feels oddly appropriate.

My apologies to the man, Mr. David Bowie...


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