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Video: "Where Do I Come In" from Rosler's Recording Booth

I was introduced to Spottiswoode and his evocative / provocative voice when reviewing his band's (Spottiswoode and His Enemies) last album "Wild Goosechase Expedition." His dulcet tones can pull you into the story of whatever song he is singing like a skilled cinematographer can lure you in with lights and shadows. It is nice to see that he is one of the musical contributors to the concept album Rosler's Recording Booth. In true form, in the song "Where Do I Come In" he is once again the storyteller in a song that plays out like a mini- movie.

- Adler Bloom

(per press release)

Just nominated by the Independent Music Awards for Best Concept Album of 2011 -- Don Rosler:  Rosler's Recording Booth -- releases a new video of one of  the tracks from the album: "Where Do I Come In?".  Award-winning Brazilian illustrator Maria Eugênia completely captures the shy heart and soul of Rosler's song with her magical illustrations and animation.

"Where Do I Come In?" is performed by Spottiswoode and features a formidable group of musicians:  Dave Eggar (cello), Terry Radigan (background vocals, guitar & piano), Joshua Camp (accordion, piano and Mellotron), Bj Karpen (oboe), Jim McNamara (bass), Chris Michaels (drums).  The song is co-arranged and co-produced by Don Rosler & Terry Radigan.


Don Rosler: Don Rosler was born in a blackout in NYC, his mother screaming for tranquillizers when the doctor shone a flashlight on her newborn’s face (TRUE STORY)!

After that rocky start and a saxophone-playing childhood in Massapequa, Long Island, Rosler turned to songwriting and wrote for many artists in various styles and genres, from country to choral to alt-folk/rock/pop to gospel, classical, world and jazz. Rosler never had any aspirations to be a performing songwriter, but once his concept got under way for Rosler’s Recording Booth, he decided to step in and record a few, one of which, "Doris from Rego Park," received considerable radio play and a New York Times feature article, written by Ken Plutnicki "(Doris From Rego Park Lives On In Song"). The album received critical acclaim and has just been nominated by the 11th Annual Independent Music Awards for Best Concept Album of 2011. As a lyricist, Rosler recently collaborated with producers Roger Treece and Linda Goldstein for the Bobby McFerrin VOCAbuLarieS album. VOCAbuLarieS garnered three 2010 Grammy nominations and Rosler was honored with a SESAC Award for his contributions to VOCabuLarieS. Rosler is also the co-producer and co-writer of John Margolis: Christine's Refrigerator CD; has co-written songs for Everett Bradley’s Holidelic &Toy CDs, as well as a bunch of songs for Jay Ward’s dogbrain: nest album. He also recently arranged and recorded a version of The Beatles’ “Julia” with the young singer, Emily O’Reilly, for The Beatles Complete on Ukulele project and is currently in the midst of dreaming up a musical.

Spottiswoode:  Spottiswoode is one of ten featured artists on Rosler's Recording Booth, singing lead vocals on the songs: "Where Do I Come In?" and "You Won't Believe." Referred to as a “genius” and a “downtown ringleader” by The New Yorker, Spottiswoode is the son of an American singer and an English clergyman.  He has been "one of New York’s more colorful band leaders for more than a decade,” according to WNYC’s John Schaefer. Spottiswoode has been writing and performing in New York for the past fifteen years, most notably as the frontman of Spottiswoode & His Enemies, a septet that has become something of a New York institution. With the band, Spottiswoode has released five acclaimed CDs and has toured worldwide performing at many celebrated venues, including Lincoln Center. The band has been featured on the nationally syndicated radio programs XM Loft, World Cafe and Soundcheck. They have also been profiled on NPR’s Weeekend Edition. Spottiswoode has received four Independent Music Award nominations including his most recent nomination for the band’s latest CD, Wild Goosechase Expedition, as the Best Eclectic Album of 2011. His songs have been covered by numerous artists and have been featured in a variety of TV shows and films including The Gentleman, an anti romantic comedy which he directed and which played for several years on the Independent Film Channel. His gothic rock opera, Above Hell’s Kitchen, was recently performed to sold-out crowds at the New York Musical Theatre Festival.

Maria Eugênia : Maria Eugênia has illustrated more than 60 books and her books have won awards in Brazil and abroad, including the Bologna Ragazzi Award  ["Nas ruas do Bras " - Cia das letrinhas ] and the White Ravens in ["Bichos que existem, bichos que nao existem" - Cosac & Naify].  Her works have been shown internationally at the Society of Illustrators NY Annual Show, American Illustration Show, Bologna’s Illustrators Exhibition, the Itabashi Art Museum Exhibition (Tokyo), the Bratislava Biennial of Illustrations, and "The fabulous colored pencils," an exhibition with 40 women illustrators from all over the world (in Italy) and many other art shows in Brazil. Ms. Eugênia received critical acclaim for her video for Spottiswoode & His Enemies' "Chelsea Boys" released in December, 2011.

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