Wednesday, June 13, 2012

White Blush - Solo Project by Artist Carol Rhyu- "Ideas in Embryo"

White Blush is an LA-based solo project by artist Carol Rhyu and producer John Ho. The dark and dreamy electronica exhibited on her Bandcamp page can feel both familiar and totally surprising at the same time. The dirty industrial spartan feel of "Myst" feels more like an idea than a fully flushed out piece but I like listening to ideas in embryo even if they never seem to go to full term. "Wait", similarly feels like a slice of emotional time, immediate and intimate. "Without You" (for me the most realized of the 3) conjures up a vast surreal musical landscape. It is dynamic in it's emotional soft edges and portends of greater performances in the future. Listen, close your eyes and watch the movie that develops in your head.

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