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"Home" by Young Jesus - A Retro-burner full of Poetic Indie Rock

On "Home" - Young Jesus spin musical fables about people who quickly become our distant friends or family. Obviously, we as listeners may never know if the stories, the narratives in these cinematic songs are based on real people but it feels like it and that their trials and tribulations feel like something we can relate to.Young Jesus pour out songs that have different tones, tempos and textures. They move from a strong folk if not garden rock vibe to post punk 90's indie rock and oftentimes a 'David' is mentioned throughout this album. "News" seems to impart that kind of knowledge you hear on "the street" about an old acquaintance of lover. It is wonderful how it starts off easy and slow and explodes into a rockish scream fest, "I heard you sing at The Sovereign slowly... your cover band's just a cover for loneliness."  In "Family Friends" the guitar strains seem lost in a fog, while percussive sounds and bass lines fill the empty spaces. The song deceptively builds around around two sentences, repeated over and over until, the first line (at least in my mind) flips from one of hope to despair.

"New Cool" moves like a night out of control as John Rossiter sings, "The cooler kids don't give a shit, they only care for carelessness. They're only style, no substance." It has a 90's indie feel and Rossiter's voice (which, to me, has a touch of Jim Morrison or Nick Cave although much more animated) dashes off remembrances of being young punks. I really love this song. The fact that the song itself has a bit of a retro flavor only works in it's favor. "Away" has passages that are pure runaway rock similar to Japandroids in tone only to give away to dynamic breaks and progressive down beats. "Fallin' for You" with the hand claps and swoony 60's ballad melody feels a little lost (and hollow) when compared to the rest of this album.

Let's put the breaks on this review right now to exclaim that "The Greater Boulders" is the standout, breakout song on "Home." Take this news in slowly like a deep breath. Built on a instantly catchy rock progression and shout out chorus, it's verses are both talky and sung, something you don't hear often but it works. I thought of Cddric Bixler-Zavala for a moment. The song grinds you down and then lulls you into submission with a melodic pre-chorus, "We're all the kids that stuck around. This ugly venom fills our blood. I'm half disturbed, half high as hell, It all makes sense I'm coming up" only to lift you off your feet with a rousing shout-about chorus. It also has this lovely melody on the bridge. If Young Jesus does indeed make movies in your mind, this one has a clear arc to the story. I need to listen to this song about 20 more times.  

The title track "Home" is a trippy piece of work. It feel more like more of a public declaration than a song or maybe a confessional of sorts. It almost feels like it is going to erupt into a choral gospel of a song but does something different instead. The lyrics are as mesmerizing as they are confusing, "Give me The National with spiders. Give me The Beatles unenlightened. Prize fighting. with The Velvet Teen for some new Brand New memories on vinyl-burning for the wax. with some quick water on our hands with dust from boulders from our past." I get a sense that the song is about songwriting itself and the metamorphosis artists take willingly and unwillingly to try to please themselves and their audience but, my friends, that is just a guess.

On thing that I do know is that "Home" by Young Jesus is an interesting and endearing album. These songs seem to be about things and ideas and people all wrapped in a bit of musical rock drama and poetry. In my humble opinion there may be a song or two that don't live up to the rest but in it's totality, "Home" is a great album that you need to check out. I am sure that you will listen often.

Adler Bloom

Young Jesus are: John Rossiter (guitar/vox), Shawn Nystrand (bass), Cody Kellogg (lead guitar) and Peter Martin (drums).

You can stream the digital album "Home" here.

Lana Del Rey- "Heart Shaped Box"- Somewhere Kurt is Smiling

Lana Del Rey does her own trippy little version Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box" at a concert in Australia. Don't gag just yet, I think she pulls it off pretty brilliantly although the person shooting the video doesn't capture the entire song. Her slowed down version is stripped down to electric guitar, moody piano and mournful strings. Her vocal performance (that can sound almost sedated) feels perfect. I think that if Kurt were alive today, he would be smiling and gracefully applauding.
Adler Bloom

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FYF Fest 2012 Announces Comedy Lineup- and more!

Click here to find out more!
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FYF is excited to reveal this year’s comedian lineup for FYF Fest. Taking place this year at Los Angeles State Historic Park in downtown LA. On Sept. 1st and 2nd, comedians David Cross, Neil Hamburger, Maria Bamford, The Sklar Bros, and more will join the festival’s previously announced musical acts. FYF is also happy to announce the addition of The Lovely Bad Things and Nicolas Jaar to the festival’s musical lineup.

This year’s festival will also include previously announced performances by Refused, M83, Beirut, James Blake, Yeasayer, Sleigh Bells, Desaparecidos, Dinosaur Jr, Against Me!, Hot Snakes, Twin Shadow, Chromatics, DJ Harvey, Liars, Paul Banks from Interpol, the return of Quicksand and many more. Full lineup is listed alphabetically below.
Tickets are currently available via here and start at $89 for a weekend pass. The festival is all ages and will run from noon until midnight each day. Tickets will also be available at local Los Angeles record stores and select Chilli Beans store locations, for more information visit

Music Lineup – Alphabetical
AA Bondy
Aesop Rock
Against Me!
American Nightmare
Atlas Sound
Paul Banks (Interpol)
Black Dice
Black Mountain
Cloud Nothings
Dam Funk
Dinosaur Jr
DJ Coco (Primavera Sound)
DJ Harvey
Father John Misty
Fucked Up
Future Islands
Gold Panda
Hot Snakes
I Break Horses
James Blake
John Maus
Joyce Manor
King Khan & the Shrines
Kishi Bashi
Lightning Bolt
Lovely Bad Things
Nick Waterhouse
Nicolas Jaar (Live)
Nite Jewel
Purity Ring
Redd Kross
Sandro Perri
Simian Mobile Disco (Live)
Sleigh Bells
The Allah La’s
The Field
The Growlers
The Men
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
The Soft Pack
The Suicide of Western Culture
The Vaselines
Tiger & Woods
Twin Shadow
Two Gallants
White Arrows
White Fence
Wild Flag
Wild Nothing

Comedy Lineup – Alphabetical:
BJ Novak
Brendon Walsh
Brent Weinbach
Dana Gould
David Cross
The Eric Andre Show
Jim Hamilton
Joe Sib
Jonah Ray
Kumail Nanjiani
Leo Allen
Maria Bamford
Matt Braughner
Matt Dwyer
Neil Hamburger
Pete Holmes
Rory Scovel
The Sklar Bros
Sean O’Connor

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Jack White - "Freedom At 21" Video- Oozes Cool and Sex

Jack White, looking very much like a ghostly apparition or well dressed corpse, drives a candy apple green muscle car and shreds the HELL out of his Telecaster. As directed by Hype Williams, the video is a dizzying blend of blue tones, luscious brown skin, and a video game-ish looking drive through a tunnel of raw sex appeal. Not to mention an all to brief cameo by Josh Homme.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bat for Lashes- "Laura" - Has Natasha Khan been drinking the Lana Del Rey Kool-Aid?

Bat for Lashes' "Laura" is a stunningly beautiful song that instantly embeds itself into your brain but I wonder if Natasha Khan has been drinking the "Lana Del Rey" Kool-Aid, (not that this is a bad thing)- as "Laura" sounds like a more polished ghostly incarnation of "Video Games".  The similarity in tone and chordal shifts made me think of Miss Lana instantly. Even some of the phrasings in the enticing melody makes "Laura" seems like "Video Games" big sister. It makes me wonder if the exquisitely beautiful "Laura" was somehow inspired by the rough around the edges "Video Games." Is it better to be the muse or the art? In the end, a million adoring Bats for Lashes fans will be too busy feeling the song instead of thinking about it... and maybe that is how it should be.
Adler Bloom

The Babies- Moonlight Mile

THE BABIES- new record "Our House on the Hill" is due to drop in the fall. Until then take a listen to the A side of their upcoming 7"- check out Moonlight Mile

Initial thoughts: Very cool track. It has that indie folk rock thing happening. Made me think of Louise Burn's "Drop Names not Bombs" except with a harder edge. I moves so well, it also has a classic vibe deep in it's heart like a Van Morrison song or something. Lovin this but then I love almost everything they put out. They seem to be utterly aware of who they are and what they want to sound like. - Adler Bloom

Saturday, July 21, 2012

VIVA Pomona- Vivian Girls Crash an Awesome Party.

VIVA POMONA 7/14/12- REVIEW- Words by Adler Bloom, Video Links courtesy of American Pancake Live, Pics Courtesy of Tiff at Shows, Instagram Pics courtesy of YOU
Tijuana Panthers, La Sera, GrassWidow, The Urinals, The Babies, So Many Wizards, Cosmonauts, The Lovely Bad Things, Pangea, Black Elephant, Business Cats, Old Man Jenkins, Adapt, They As in Them, The Ugly Kids, Suede Parade (Surprise Guest) 

WTF? A week has gone by and I am finally writing about the rad music festival known as VIVA Pomona put on with a lot of love by Rene Contreras (Switch) and his cohorts Ricardo Sanchez, Salvador Moreno, Pedro Garcia and Tony Hoang. Situated in the downtown art district of Pomona, California at Second Street, VIVA boasted 16 bands at 3 venues, the legendary Glasshouse, Aladdin Jr and Joey BBQ (all for only $12.00). Apart from all the outrageously awesome music, in the courtyard directly across from the Glasshouse there were a ton of vendors selling arty stuff and some good eats. I got there at 5:30 eager to jump into the fray even though exiting the confines of my air-conditioned car made me instantly sweat. It was hot and humid that day and almost every band I got to see commented on the sweltering heat. I hit So Many Wizards at the Glasshouse (GH) first and Nima Kazerouni was dressed accordingly wearing a beachy shirt and board shorts. Even their most mellow song is attacked with intensity. Really loved what I heard. Old Man Jenkins at Aladdin Jr (AJr) was throwing down some cool punk / art rock and I want to see more of them. Brooklyn bred, The Babies (GH) got the crowd dancing. I thoroughly love their music and  the guy / girl lead vocals and lead guitar work (provided by Kevin Morby and Cassie Ramone) help to fuel the great songwriting. Business Cats (AJr) cranked out 3 piece garage rock. If you have not seen them- GO SEE THEM. Veronica's voice has a perfect "I don't give a fuck" punk attitude with husky undertone that can suddenly explode. Something about her vocals reminds me of early Chrissy Hynde, in fact "12 Years Wasted"  with the run away bass line and vocal yelps could be an early, early Pretenders song. 

There was quite a buzz about The Urinals playing VIVA and the fairly good sized crowd packed in tight at the Glasshouse. I got a sense that many in the crowd may of heard Urinals covers by bands like The Gun Club, No Age and the Butthole Surfers more than the Urinals themselves. In any event, the crowd while a little tepid at first warmed up quickly. Back at Aladdin Jr- Black Elephant was stirring things up playing some of their new stuff that they have been releasing in demo fashion. This was the first time I had seen them after Karin's departure. Thomas Lucero (from Dash Jacket) sat in on the drums. Not sure, if he will be a permanent fixture (?) all I know is they sounded awesome and got the room dancing. Grasswidow's breezy set (GH) full of lush harmonies and sparkly guitar rhythms made the heat a bit more manageable.

Speaking of heat. The Aladdin Jr room is a brick building with probably only 500 square feet of space to pack bodies into. You take an already hot humind day and stuff a bunch of people in there like sardines (moshing, dancing, crowd surfing sardines mind you) and the temperature can get a wee bit toasty. This is exactly what occurred when Pangea took to the stage. The room turned into a giant sweat box, my sweat was sweating. They started off with a grungy psychedelic tinged song that kicked ass. More people filtered in from outside and by the time they played "Living Dummy" it was a moshy madhouse soaring the temp further and making the windows fog up. Rene Contreras and a helper provided much need relief by pelting the audience with water and passing water bottles to the kids, many of whom had already removed their shirts to cool down. Later in the evening, Phil from Tijuana Panthers talked up Pangea and remarked about the conditions in the room saying "that was too hot for my old body." Obviously, Phil is not old but there was a clear difference between the controlled (almost mellow) feel of the Glasshouse shows and the musical bedlam that was taking place at Aladdin Jr. Once you stepped into that smaller brick house oven you had to be a die hard music fan to stay there. Those kind of shows attract me like a moth to a flame but I had to tear myself away and check out La Sera (GH).

Katy Goodwin seemed especially glowing as La Sera took the stage. I met her for the first time about 2 years ago and she has a serene presence. She is tall, has a cool vibe and seems to be a sweetheart of a person. Amidst hoots and screams of "Katy!" and "La Sera!" her band didn't disappoint. La Sera's trippy cool songs felt refreshing. The heavy bass and churning surfy / spaghetti western guitar on Behind Your Eyes was one of the highlights.  Back at Aladdin Jr Pangea's part punk rock / part water park show left guitars and the stage drenched with water. Stuff was being reorganized on stage for The Lovely Bad Things. Monitors were pulled from the front to the sides to make it safer for those who were being either pushed into the stage or were inclined to dive off of it. The die hards packed in tight once again as The Lovely Bad Things opened up with Icee Creeps and the crowd took advantage of the cleared space for stage diving. During their set, more people packed in and bodies seem to fly off of and over the stage from all angles. It was a kick to hear Big Sur (off of their 2010 Cassette Sharkweek) which has been absent from their set for awhile. After the guitar intro to I Just Want You to Go Away, the crowd sang the first verse in unison and chimed in on the chorus as well. It was a crazy kind of love festy show were the audience giving back as much as The Lovely Bad Things put out. After their set, I stepped out into the still warm Pomona air and it felt like a splash of ice water.

When I made it to the Glasshouse the Tijuana Panthers party was already in full swing and they packed the house. Tijuana Panthers fans LOVE them and they all seemed to be in attendance. It looked to me like Dan had a flower sticking out of his ass cheeks. I am not lying. I hope there were no thorns on the stem. Tijuana Panthers have such a stable of good songs and they seemed to play most of them. Dan eluded to a "Special Guest" coming up after them and while my thoughts races as to who that might be, it was only a matter of time and one of the organizers asked me to hang and shoot them and shoot I did. As Tijuana Panther's set ended, they handed off the stage to The Vivian Girls, Cassie Ramone (The Babies), Katy Goodwin (La Sera) and drummer Ali Koehler. The audience went nuts. Katy took the mic, " HEY Pomona! We're the Vivian Girls! Thanks for sticking around!" and after a bit of guitar feedback tore into a great performance of Tell The World. It was fun to see Cassie and Katy huddle close to the drum kit between songs so they could figure out what song they would do next. During one song, a kid got on stage. As the security tried to box him in he jumped into the crowd. NOT stage diving but jumping feet first. To make matters worse, this kid caught some major air. It was a scarey moment hoping he wouldn't land on anyone. Ali Koehler, much to her credit, called the guy out saying, "Is that girl OK that you jumped on? That's not how you crowd surf you dip shit!" (Katy chimes in, "Is everyone ok?) then Fiona continues, "I hope you said sorry cuz that was Fucked UP." I could literally hear that kids dick shrivel up. It was a totally bonehead maneuver and I applaud Ali for speaking up. The audience screamed song titles and they flew into The End. I can't remember all the songs they played but it was such an awesome show! Kudos to Rene Contreras for making it happen. I think everyone was kinda floatin on air after that performance. I know I was so I floated my ass down to Aladdin Jr for one last time as the Cosmonauts (whose set time) was about to hit the stage at 11PM. They cranked out their wall of sound that seemed to stick to the still humid AJr atmosphere. I think at this point, that room had it's own sweat induced Eco-system! I was able to only record one song as the disc in my cam was pegged out. 

Some final thoughts and acknowledgments.  
My sincerest apologies to the bands that played at Joe's BBQ. I kind of got in this groove of running back and forth between the controlled chaos of the Glasshouse and the uncontrolled chaos of Aladdin Jr and somehow lost sight of  They As In Them, The Ugly Kids and Suede Parade. I hope to catch them in the future. 
The shows that Rene puts on pairing the Glasshouse with Aladdin Jr are special. One thing I really love is being able to exit the venue and come back in, also love the ton of free parking and the atmosphere downtown. These shows are generally low cost and it is fun to re-group with friends you have met at previous shows. I love that. Also, great decision on the Glasshouse's part on getting rid of that prison cell look on the upstairs balcony. It is open and styling now.

Also- Kudos to the band New Folks that set up a van and jammed right out in the street. They were awesome!

Also, want to give a shout out to Tiffuny Luong, a great photographer and fellow blogger who was gracious enough to let me use some of her pics. Check them all out here VIVA POMONA Tiffatshows

AND it was nice to see Kylie from Sincerely California (very cool music blog)

AND- Jessie another great photographer and cool dude.

And-  the girl who goes by the name of Lisa. This is all I can say as she may be in witness protection.

AND- it was so great to meet Natalie who was shooting video (I believer for KLLYRTV). That girl is hardcore and has a creative spirit.

AND - finally I leave you with this quote (in between songs) by Cam from the Lovely Bad Things:
"It is fucking HOT in Pomona! It's a good thing. Sweat is good. Everyone has to give Rene a big hug and a kiss for this tonight. It's been awesome." 

 So Many Wizards

Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls)

The Babies
New Folk 
Katy Goodman (La Sera / Vivian Girls)

VIVA Pomona- INSTAGRAM Pics courtesy of YOU


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NO Doubt's sneak peek into "Push and Shove" with the Video Release of "Settle Down"

No Doubt's album "Push and Shove" is due to drop in September but for now you can check out "Settle Down." This tempting morsel feels more Gwen Stefani than No Doubt- straddling that Santigold / M.I.A. fence (but not as good) - BUT it is still fun to see them all together in technicolor. They haven't aged much (have they?) and jeeez, Gwen is still one of the most beautiful women in the world!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

VIVA Pomona- today- July 14th- Bunch of Great Bands on 3 stages- only $12

Today in the art district of Pomona, California- VIVA POMONA is going to be the place to be. Why? cuz American Pancake is going to be there! But SERIOUSLY check out the sheer amount of awesome bands that will be in attendance. Get there early between 4 and 5 to check out the sites- tons of art galleries and more, feel the lay of the land and get ready to bounce between 3 venues. Check out the promo below!

200 W. Second St. Pomona, CA.

Tijuana Panthers
La Sera
Grass Widow
The Urinals
The Babies
So Many Wizards
The Lovely Bad Things
They As In Them
Black Elephant
The Ugly Kids
Business Cats
Old Man Jenkins
Suede Parade

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The Haley Butcher Org. Presents the Thinkture Festival -- Aug. 11 th in Long Beach, CA-

The loving people at The Haley Butcher Organization have some exciting things in the works but let THEM tell you as they can do a much better job than I. Check out their latest blog post here:

If you can get involved then please do. Getting involved in any charity whether it be this one or another can be a life affirming, life changing experience.  One tid bit of information on this recent blog post is The Thinkture Festival featuring some amazing bands and more. We will be there and I hope you will too!


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LA Record- Interview: The Lovely Bad Things: Gonna Itch Really Bad

 Originally posted in LA Record


July 9th, 2012 · 

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walt! gorecki

Lovely Bad Things are not only Brayden Ward, Camron Ward, Lauren Curtius and Tim Hatch, but everything you always thought of as an L.A. garage band in one supremely un-self-conscious package. Besides evoking 60s riot-on-Sunset acts like the Standells and Thee Midnighters without archness or irony, this La Mirada quartet is used enough to shouting to want to conduct their end of this short phone interview from inside an Orange County tattoo parlor. They play with the Cosmonauts at a FREE show at the Standard Hotel downtown this Thursday! This interview by Ron Garmon.

Who’s getting the ink today?
I’m getting “Radiant Baby” by Keith Haring.
I didn’t go to SXSW, but I did hear the mp3 of “Blood on My Moccasins,” and holy shit! How does it go over live?
Tim: How does it go over what?
Tim: It goes over pretty well the few times we’ve done it.
Do you guys have any awful L.A. live stories? I read the one about you guys almost getting murdered up in Washington last year …
Lauren: That was actually a joke!
Tim: But we’re used to Los Angeles! L.A. is no big deal to us, you know what I mean. We’ve been there so many times and live so close that we don’t really feel threatened. We’ve had shows where kids get really crazy and there’s blood and stuff, but there was not any time that we walked in the streets and feel we could get killed and that’s what up in Washington was like. That’s why it was truly outta left field for us. It wasn’t any thing we thought would happen up there. There were all these weird, weird people—people who looked like they hadn’t bathed or anything.
One thing L.A. is short on is killer rednecks with eyes on the same side of their face. How did SXSW go? Did you guys have any strategy?
Tim: Oh, it was amazing. We had a really good time. We had a setlist and a skeletal idea of what we were going to do. There are people who don’t really have much of an idea what they’ll do and others who plan to a T, and we’re in the middle.
What’s your next release after New Ghost/Old Waves?
Tim: We’re working on a full-length to come out this October, with possibly a single this summer. The album doesn’t have a name yet.
Lauren: I feel like a little more eclectic, simply because there’ll be a lot more songs. You’ll get to see a little bit more of our influences.
How’d the tattoo turn out?
Brayden: Great! It’s gonna itch really bad. Keith Haring’s a lotta ink.


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Lace Curtains - "Bedroom Honesty" and "High Fantasy"

Michael Coomer of Harlem, his other imagining or band or whatever is called Lace Curtains and I am pretty much in love with every Lace Curtain song I have heard so far. The Album is called "The Garden of Joy and the Well of Loneliness," the song "High Fantasy" is bright and dynamic with some wonderful sounds that feel like running down the street after your bad luck has suddenly changed. "Bedroom Honesty" has a slower groove but the chorus explodes into a fireworks of double time drums, jagged guitars, and piano down beats. All so tasty and I want a Lace Curtain shirt too!

Adler Bloom

"Hold On To Your Fear" by Electrician

Neil Campau formerly of the "anarchist-folk" duo World History has released a couple of songs under the moniker "Electrician." The songs are minimalistic and, to me, still have that emotional monotone thing happening but Campau has things to say and the melodies in "Hold On to Your Fear" manage to tug at you.

AP Review: Papa Chango- "The Matador" - Smartly conceived, wildly nostalgic and cool

Based out of Melbourne- Australia, the 9 piece afro-funk collective, Papa Chango is a bit of a mystery. Their latest musical adventure is The Matador- a soundtrack for a movie that does not exist. Papa Chango says the Matador is inspired by 70's ethio jazz and afro funk sounds. Every song is bright, energetic and extremely tight. Sonic battles between percussion sections, heavy brass sections, guitars sounds and that amazing Farfisa organ. The sweep of delicious and nostalgic sounding songs bring to mind spaghetti westerns, black exploitation films, 70's grind house and maybe even a hard edged James Bond, that is if he had soul. Quentin Tarantino are you listening?

I am really feeling the descending melodies of the dynamic "Bouncy Castles in The Sky", the guitar rhythm break, part western / part surf, is amazing and the horn hook with the superbly subtle (by Papa Chango's standard) Farfisa simply rocks. "Dark Passenger" edges into prog rock a bit with it's tightly woven structure. Midway the dynamics and feel become more spartan highlighted by a wonderful lead guitar bed. This song all by itself has the musical / dramatic arc of an entire movie. "Theme From The Matador" has elements that fit together as snugly as a Jenga puzzle but has some beautiful horn crescendo's that give way to the dirty Farfisa. "Boneyard (Funeral of A Man),with it's slow burn introduction portends of danger ahead. It feels like a man, guns in tow heading to a battle that he may not come back from.

Smartly conceived, wildly nostalgic and cool, The Matador inspires one to grow a nice pair of sideburns and wear a serious face. Check out the songs here on the Papa Chango Bandcamp page.
Adler Bloom

Saturday, July 7, 2012

La Sera- Real Boy / Drive On- Music Video - Tasty Grindhouse Noir

I am a big sucker for black and white film noir (and Katy Goodman) so this video within a video directed by Travis Peterson is easy to love. La Sera will be playing at the Viva Pomona Music Festival in Pomona, California this Saturday on July the 14th-

Viva Pomona! WIN FREE TICKETS! La Sera, Tijuana Panthers, Grasswidow, The Urinals and 13 MORE Bands

Tijuana Panthers and Cosmonauts added to an already stellar line up.
BEST Deal in town is getting even better- IF YOU WANT TO WIN a pair of tickets to 
VIVA POMONA then all you have to do is re-post the poster you see here at our Facebook Page
and hit our "Like" button so we can find you. You can also be eligible if you have a music blog site and you post up the poster there. American Pancake will pick the random winner and  announce who you are on Thursday. You can also email us @
GOOD LUCK and see you there! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Tears Of The Moosechaser - Songs For A Sinister Woman - "Dark Americana Dreams"

There is a whole range of Americana roots music and the genre runs the gamut from authentic to hybrid, from light to dark and everything in between. Tears of the Moosechaser, to me, swim in the avante garde / gothic or Southern gothic pool although they certainly can sound traditional as well. On Songs for a Sinister Woman they almost seem to have multiple personalities. "On the Hunt Again", "A Lonesome Fog", "Dog of Sadness" and "The Fool" feel almost more goth than Americana, maybe not musically but in temperament. "A Lonesome Fog" with it's sense of Halloween fun and creepy tone is like Oingo Boingo meets System of the Down meets The Hackensaw Boys. The feel of "The Fool" and "Dog of Sadness" could almost be a slow goth metal song ala Marilyn Manson that is if Manson spun tales in a slow gravelly drawl.  

The other personality feels more traditionally Americana. "We're Really All Crazy" and "Budapest" are quite beautiful and probably the most mainstream songs lulling you into a lazy porch swing with lilting guitars, banjos and fiddles. The string solo on "We're Really All Crazy" is so purely sweet, you can feel the giddy love of couples slow dancing on worn wooden floors. I also really like the harmony being distorted as if the vocal was emanating from a depression era speaker.  Similarly, "Hazy Bee Honeysuckle" feels very much like a barnyard dance of a song. It is wrapped in a haze of detuned sounds but, interestingly, at it's core (melodically) it could be a 50's Buddy Holly-esque ballad. I could actually hear an indie band like Girls covering this with great affect.

The avant garde personality is present on most of the other songs. In large part, they have an overall sad feel with a disturbing tension created by dissonant and disjointed sounds. This tonal quality reminds me of Jonny Greenwood's unnerving score on Paul Anderson's "There Will be Blood. If this tension was all the songs had to offer then Tears of Moosechaser would simply be all atmosphere. Thankfully, this tension, this anxiety they create is counterpoised with some lovely musical and vocal melodies in songs like "Cardsharps" (which I really love) and "Lost Among the Whales" which through the droning sounds has a dreamily surreal and whimsical feel along with some pretty melodies.

Tears of the Moosechaser is not my normal cup of tea. It feels more like a swig of Absinthe. It can transport you into turn of the century hallucinations. The funny thing is that parts of Songs for a Sinister Woman would seriously creep me out if I were to listen to them in the dark but other songs feel as comfortable as the warm embrace of a knitted afghan my grandmother made me. On one hand, the album is very diverse in tone and on the other hand, one could consider the songs in total, to not fit together. I guess I always opt for diversity more than anything else and I can live with the musical schizophrenia. If you are not one to venture away from your indie music or electronica or whatever you are into, take a chance, move outside your comfort zone and give Tears of the Moosechaser a spin. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
Adler Bloom

Tears of the Moosechaser Official Site

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Raw Geronimo - "Faustine" - Fantastical and Trippydelicious

This amazingly well done video for "Faustine" by Raw Geronimo is a rich amalgam of 1950's style sci-fi and maybe acid dreams (or at least bad Chinese food dreams). I don't quite know whose brain these concepts sprung out of but whoever it was, they have one fertile imagination. Directed and produced by Jacob and Clyde Blunt.

Raw Geronimo Official Site

KING TUFF tonight July 5th @ Alexs Bar in Long Beach, CA

 Have you heard the new self titled album by KING TUFF?? We reviewed it a while back and love it -(check out the review)- Seeing KING TUFF in the intimate setting of Alexs Bar is a MUST SEE!
Lending support is Crazy Band and Audacity!

AP- Random Instagram of the Day



Wednesday, July 4, 2012

AP Instagram of the DAY

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AP Review: Miniature Tigers- "Mia Pharoah" - a Pyscho Conundrum

In "Cleopatra", Charlie Brand sings, "you're a psycho conundrum" which might very well describe Miniature Tigers' latest album Mia Pharoah. Swallowed as one big pill, it feels like a surreal trip deep in Miniature Tiger's psyche (possibly in a Yellow Submarine) where sounds or lyrics don't necessarily mesh and where the feelings you get while listening to these songs can take unexpected turns. As a whole, the album is a bit of a shape shifter, a musical heterotopia often times dipped in thick Pet Sounds (or Smile) like productions. You have "Sex On The Regular" which is kind of a disco meets new wave affair with Brand singing in a falsetto. The vibe is like Madonna, the Ohio Players and Future Islands in one. "Easy as All That" sparkles and shines like a 1970's Abba song. Propelled on a catchy bass line and organ, it is carefree and trippy at the same time. "Flower Door" with birds chirping has an easy tempo sustained by an almost calypso-ish beat and guitar picking. The music is disarming but the lyrics make you want to know the back story, "Is it wrong to obsess? What's this need to know the question" and "It was written in your eyes; ooh, you're sadistic inside." "Boomerang" is pure kitschy pop and sounds like something Ron and Russel Mael (Sparks) could of written. "Ugly Needs" is a little mind blower. It feels airy and beautiful one minute and then creepy the next as disjointed sounds attack your senses. Similarly the beautiful melodies contain some dark things "Trust me, if I could control it, it'd be under control. It's ugly (so ugly) so ugly it has a mind of it's own. Crush it, smash it to pieces, keep it hidden away." On the lighter side, "Afternoons With David Hockney" it tightly produced, feels almost Simon and Garfunkel-esque in approach. The vocal harmonies sound so purely sweet and offset by some very cool sax in it's final moments.

If you had to pick one song on Mia Pharoah that kind of encompasses the many shades of this album, it might be "Angel Bath". It is so sonically diverse, blending lo-fi electronic and airy dreamy indie pop. I particularly like how the Casio style drums open up to a more organic sounding drum kit at all the right moments. In fact, the Casio style drums seem to come back when the song becomes more campy. The production knows exactly when to pull back and when to grow. The bright rhythm guitar with just the right amount of dirtiness sounds awesome. "Angel Bath" seems to not know what kind of song it wants to be but the shifts in tone turn out to be nice surprises instead of "wtf" moments. The last song on the album, "Husbands and Wives" is weirdly beautiful. Like a twisted George Gershwin song (on barbiturates) it features sad piano, swelling orchestral sounds and a cacophony of backing vocals. The music stirs freely around evocative lyrics, "There's something beautiful about husbands and wives... how they try and try, then again we die. Will it last, can it pass? It is not forever" and "Your hair's gray and your skin is wrinkling. There is nothing left for them to say. That's gonna be us someday." It is hard to tell if Miniature Tigers is celebrating the institution of marriage or severely mocking it and that is what makes this all so interesting. The song is a cinematic brain teaser and ends with two lines that feels like an emotional slap in the face, "Sometimes a man needs a woman... sometimes a man need a little girl." Like many of the lyrics on Mia Pharoah, "Husbands and Wives" words make you wonder what is behind them and that, to me, is one of it's poetic strengths.

Mia Pharoah is a album full of emotional and musical twists and turns. Musical and lyrically it is both light and dark. Strictly as compositions, the songs, to me, would not necessarily fit together on one album but the color of the production and Charlie Brand's stellar vocals tie them all together making the album, in the end, sound like a cohesive and pretty brilliant piece of work. Miniature Tigers continue to surprise me and make me smile.
Adler Bloom

GO HERE NOW: Miniature Tigers Official Site

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


The Kitty Comp- 50 UNRELEASED SONGS BY 50 BANDS - Do this for the Kitty!!



We found a kitten running under cars on the freeway during rush hour and we rescued her!!! The next day we took the kitty to the vet and found out she had fallen or been thrown and she needed surgery and pins in her pelvis and knee!!! It was super expensive so we asked some of our friends to contribute unreleased songs to benefit the little kitty gato and 50 bands came to the rescue!!! She is the sweetest little kitten ever, there's no way we could have let her die so we did THE KITTY COMP!!! 

500 cassettes pressed and numbered! 


1. Veloura Caywood – Cat In A Box
2. John Wesley Coleman – Yo Kitty Kat
3. The Vomettes – I Like Your Pussy But I Love Your Penis
4. Audacity – Run Kitty Run
5. Lenguas Largas – Lower Profile
6. The Resonars – I Didn’t Feel So Cold Then
7. Dead Ghosts – I Sleep Alone
8. The Abigails – Always
9. Joel Gion – Every Which Way
10. Cleaners From Venus – Hove New
11. The Pizazz – Face Parade
12. Summer Twins – Senor Don Gato
13. Pangea - Offer
14. Mikal Cronin – You Gotta Have Someone (Demo)
15. Sea Lions – Doesn’t Mean A Thing
16. Devon Williams – Your Avalon
17. Wyatt Blair – Girls
18. Teenage Burritos – Charlie
19. MHV – Portrait
20. Penetration Moon – Real Wild Child
21. Schlitzie – What’s His Name
22. Miss Chain and the Broken Heels – Don’t Let Go
23. Tomorrows Tulips - Free
24. Part Time – The Berkshire Hobbits
25. Nick Nicely – Hilly Fields (Acoustic)
1. Brentwood Dan (Members of Beachwood Sparks) – Sad Song 4 Kat
2. Babies on Acid – Grrrl
3. Burnt Ones – Hologram Dropouts (Demo)
4. Peach Kelli Pop – Stay Away
5. Goochi Boiz – Why You Gotta Be Mean To Me
6. White Mystery – Ye Olde Stone Cut
7. The Coathangers – Sex Beat
8. Blue Jungle - Teardrops
9. Apache – Kitty On Christmas
10. The Stalkers – Searching In The Wilderness
11. Bell Gardens – Today I Started Loving You Again
12. Beekler – Grips
13. Peter Case – I’m Gonna Change My Ways
14. Ryan Adams – Dynasty of Troll Loch Ming
15. The Zoltars – You Come With A Price
16. The Be Helds – Just Dreamin’
17. Lust-Cats of the Gutters – Pac-Man
18. Soviet – Heaven’s Gate
19. Apple Brains – Give Me Your Tongue
20. So Wrong – This Ain’t The Time To Die
21. Crystal Antlers - Struggle
22. Young Guv – Call Me When The Cat Dies (Live)
23. Lovely Bad Things – Surfin’ On Skulls (Demo)
24. Slumber Party – Stay Gold
25. Meow Twins – Lobster Party 

If you would like to give more go to  donate.­aspca.­org

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AP Review: Drug Cabin's Self Titled Album- Provides a Natural High

Drug Cabin's self titled album is brimming with folkish dreamy indie pop songs that embrace you with beautiful melodies laced with a full range of emotions, all that connect with you. Much of this connection hinges on Nathan Thelen's (Pretty Girls Make Graves and Moonrats) superb songwriting and vocal performances that are as laid back as they are earnest. The production flourishes are simply wonderful as produced by Pretty Girls Make Graves bandmate Nick De Witt. Take for example the music break during "One Face" that shines with cool downbeats and some sounds that edge toward the surreal. Dramatic touches like this set Drug Cabin apart from the normal indie folk fare. "Whatever Never" with it's vocal harmonies and dancy rhythm has a classic pop feel and an almost Paul Simon Kodachrome-ish vibe.

I had the pleasure of shooting Drug Cabin back in March of last year performing "Nobody's Ghost" and as lovely as that was, hearing it on this album in all it's carefully rendered glory is somewhat of a revelation.  It crackles and pops with homespun sounds as if friends on a porch are joining in with make shift percussion to  accompany the very upfront acoustic guitar and Thelan's tender vocals. At a certain point the song just opens up in a sparkling, elegant symphony of sounds that never goes too far. It remains a spartan affair, the silence being as important as the swelling instrumentation. The pristine nature of the sounds sends shivers up your spine and in some ways (certain production elements) reminds me of the Beach Boys iconic Surfs up album.

 With the exception of "The One I Love" (which is one of the more straight folk songs on the album) all the songs on Drug Cabin start out feeling very down to earth and very much rooted in Thelen's self awareness only to blow up, becoming dreamy and ethereal. It is a heady ride that you will want to revisit often. I understand that Marcus Congleton (Ambulance LTD front man) did not lend his creative talents to this project but one can only imagine what Drug Cabin will evolve into with his songwriting and musical collaboration.
Robb Donker

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Surfing, Money, Sex, Candy Eyes, and Wyatt Blair

August Issue 2012 Surfing Magazine Trailer

I was lead to this piece of promotional video because I love the hell out of Wyatt Blair's music. Surfing Magazine wisely chose his ultra charged "Shoot In The Night" off his Candy Eyes Album (which was released on March 1st of this year.) The guys behind this video did a super job of editing it to Blair's song which pumps as potently as the surfing displayed on the video. The trailer itself, which admittedly, is promoting an issue that in Surfing Magazine's own words is "devoted to sex, money and power in surfing" has a lot of sexy lingerie models in it as well as charts and graphs and guys chewing up the waves.

Even still, the blending of girls in their underwear with pro surfers and the inter-cutting of surfing just struck me as odd. Don't get me wrong, I love looking at beautiful scantily clad women like any average guy but it felt out of place here. Now let's get one thing straight. Surfer and Surfing magazine have always been porno magazines. Let me explain: I was, in another life, a pure surf rat who would be out in the water cutting it up every single day. One thing me and my buddies would look forward to was checking out the latest Surfer mag. We would gleefully paw over the latest issue at the liquor store (we couldn't afford to buy it) and get off on the glorious pics of guys on unbelievable waves doing incredible things. It was our porn really. The centerfold would not be a naked chick but raw naked, beautiful mother nature being ridden by some lucky ass surfer. YES, there was the occasional Hot Tropic suntan or bikini ads to enjoy as well  but the main boner material was always the surfing. Call me old fashioned but that is how I like it. Anyway, I will now get off my soap box- this trailer does still kick ass and the song is awesome!

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