Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NO Doubt's sneak peek into "Push and Shove" with the Video Release of "Settle Down"

No Doubt's album "Push and Shove" is due to drop in September but for now you can check out "Settle Down." This tempting morsel feels more Gwen Stefani than No Doubt- straddling that Santigold / M.I.A. fence (but not as good) - BUT it is still fun to see them all together in technicolor. They haven't aged much (have they?) and jeeez, Gwen is still one of the most beautiful women in the world!


  1. I like No Doubt, but I really like Gwen, so nice of her to include the boys on her payroll. And wow, products so well placed. Song is worth nothing, but she is indeed still so very cute! Straight to no.1 for the rest of the Summer - at least in Europe.

  2. Not enamored with the new song but have always been enamored with Gwen as an artist, business woman and all around cool girl. Thanks for commenting!!