Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hard Choices- FYF SET TIMES

Now it is time for those hard choices-

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beth Jeans Houghton and the Hooves of Destiny- Glam Performance Folk

Beth Jeans Houghton approaches her "anti-folk" with all the glam panache of David Bowie. Seeing her and her band (The Hooves of Destiny) perform her beautiful songs within this artistic framework can be downright mesmerizing.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Audacity on Tour- "Mellow Cruisers" Record Release Party

Audacity is on tour in support of their new album- "Mellow Cruisers"- We attended their record release party at the Blue Star Bar in L.A. check out the videos AND go buy the record today. You won't be disappointed!

Sunday, August 12, 2012



AMERICAN PANCAKE wants YOU. We will have two cams shooting at FYF but would love to have more and that is where YOU come in. If you want to donate video footage from your IPhone (or video cam) to incorporate into our videos it would be awesome! We will credit you on AP and the AP Youtube channel. Please SHARE this pic on your blog or FACEBOOK page and please, please LIKE us on Facebook!!

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Jack Coleman Stirs Up Those Lomo Memories

Jack Coleman knows how to pull childhood or teen memories out of you. He is an expert at making you look back at those fond or not so fond remembrances. What is the bait he uses? Video all done up in vintage style. It may be those old 70's curtains or super 8-ish surfing images or the lomo look with film flare ups and scratches. On some of his evocative little films it is difficult to tell what images are actually vintage and what just have that patina smeared all over them but, I... I like them a lot. I first became aware of Mr. Coleman through all those cool Growler videos and then those Alex Knost / Ford Archbold / Tomorrow Tulip videos. Maybe it is because I used to shoot super 8 films of by brother surfing and he of me that Jack's videos stir up so many emotional flashes. I am sure you have seen his work but if you have not check out his site:

JACK COLEMAN photography 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012 New L.A. Folk Festival - Your Daddy's Folk and Beyond

The 3rd New L.A. Folk Festival happened this past Saturday (8/4/12) at the locally legendary Zorthian Ranch, a 45 acre ranch on the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Altadena, California. The ranch was home to the eccentric, eclectic artist Jiryar Zorthian until his death in 2004. His wild primavera parties would attract a diverse crowd of intellectuals, musicians, artists, movie stars and us ordinary folk. I can only imagine how happy Jiryar would be if he were around to enjoy the L.A. Folk Festival as founded by L.A. Record editor Daiana Feuer. As you enter the property, the lay of the land pulls you in. Stone and rustic wooden structures (some that seem so exacting and some that seem as haphazard as if they fell out of the sky) stand as monuments to another time. Piles of rusted junkyard artifacts form metal gardens along pathways. An inviting pool overlooks a mountain view surrounded by a rustic fence that surely has its share of stories to tell.

Amidst this apocalyptic psychedelic art show that is the Zorthian ranch itself, there were more than thirty musical acts peppered among the property. Acoustic acts early in the day, gave way to other acts on 4 distinct stages. Sadly I missed many of the early acts but was able to see some artists I have long been a fan of but not seen live like Kera and the Lesbians and Sea of Bees. Kera and her band performed on "Jerry's Stage" which was the venue that was most like a traditional stage. On the large concrete structure with wooden beams, Kera strutted her stuff fully possessing the songs she sings which are like 1940's porch blues colliding with post punk. If Kera and the Lesbians are playing near you- GO see them. Sacramento singer songwriter Julie Baenziger aka Sea of Bees with her best friend Amber performed her dreamy indie folk on the "Dustbowl stage" which was a large domed tent out in (what looked like) a cow pasture. While sprinklers made water dance on top of a shiny blue tarp, llamas strolled in the distance and people huddled close on horse blankets, Jules played a stirring set of old songs and some new ones off her latest album, Orangefarben. It was a truly beautiful experience, not only the songs but the lovely banter in between them. Hearing "Skinnybone" in this intimate setting almost felt like falling in love for the first time. I was stoked to see Tommy Santee Klaws perform on the "Outpost stage" which feels like a kitschy cowboy store front of sorts crowded with all kinds of stuff. I had seen and met Tommy about a year prior and his band is the real deal. In a previous live review I have likened Tommy's vocal presence (with a patina of sadness and yearning) to that of Scott Hutchinson of Frightened Rabbit or Thom Yorke of Radiohead. His voice like theirs can easily embrace your heart. Their music while rooted in early American folk has hints of Irish ballads. Tommy Santee Klaws played in the evening to a packed crowd. They are adored and rightly so.

Most of the day was about new discoveries. Leslie Stevens with a voice as pure as a young Dolly Parton and a knack for penning very endearing western/ country/ folk songs really blew me away. Beachwood Sparks played their Grateful Dead meets the Beach Boys psychedelic country rock on the big stage and people piled in and on every nook and cranny to see them. Even some of the pool people got out of the water and climbed up on the rickety structures. There was a love fest going on. I must mention Jenny Long and her partner who both sported vintage guitars and amps and played cool depression era bluesy fare. Geronimo Getty played country folk rock with an electric edge. Electro acoustic performance artist Emily Lacy sat high on her own stage on the Outpost stage. Her art piece flowed off of her like a dress and she looked very much like a Gothic shrouded soul on a Catholic stained glass window. Wearing almost ghoulish make up and using electronic looping equipment and sound triggered Christmas lights she pushed the folk genre into something else.

Probably one of my favorite stage venues was the "Lemon Tree Stage" which almost looked like an old rock quarry turned into an amphitheater within a forest. The bands played perched up against a shack which itself sat precariously on a ledge. There I discovered Yellow Red Sparks who I had never heard of before. A three piece band (acoustic guitar, cello/stand up base and a drummer) played soulful stirring folk and even lead the crowd on a sing along. Later on that same stage I saw Restavrant who now live in L.A. but are from Victoria, Texas. Not only does the drummer play a mean bucket (as well as a normal drum kit) but Troy rips through his fuzzbox of a guitar shredding down home punk rock blues as he grits out vocals through a distorted 20's style microphone. While founder Daiana Feuer could be seen everywhere making sure everything was running properly, she could also be seen on stage in her incarnation as part of Bloody Death Skull, an experimental / folk / performance art band whose songs on one hand have a sharp witty edge but on the other hand get quickly under your skin. I also enjoyed He's My Brother- She's My Sister, Pisces, Spindrift, Avolcano, Tom Brosseau and Cowboys and Indians.

The New L.A. Folk Fest may need a new name or at least a subtitle to let people know that what they will be discovering is more than traditional folk music. It is a diverse blend of  musical genres from the early part of the century to the present. Feuer and everyone else who spend their precious moments putting this event on should be proud that they are creating this "happening" that is destined to become an L.A. institution for years to come.
Adler Bloom

NOTE: Throughout this week I will be posting up videos as they are rendered but for now you can check out these:

NOTE: For pics visit our facebook page: Folk Festival

Friday, August 3, 2012

Audacity's "Mellow Cruisers" - Pure Punk/Pop Alchemy

Audacity's second full length album "Mellow Cruisers" is brimming with the youthful exuberance of 10,000 house parties, truckloads of beer, a million skittles and any other intoxicants of your choice. When you hear Audacity, bands like Means Jeans, Ty Segall and Bad Sports come to mind although Audacity's approach seems less straight forward than a lot of bands that bask in the lo-fi garage sound. The So Cal (OC) boys blend so many styles that they have come up with something uniquely their own. The songs are pure punk/pop alchemy with tiny bursts of prog rock sneaking in from time to time. Maybe it is because their musical teeth were cut in grade school, formed in middle school, and forged through too many gigs to count that it is difficult (at this point) to put "punk" and Audacity in the same sentence. I mean, these guys are play too incredibly tight to be remotely punk anymore, at least in the true sense of the word (genre). In the end, it doesn't matter how you define their sound - just realize that Audacity has crafted a damn delicious record.

One thing that Audacity does so well is write songs that have many musical shifts throughout. They are not content to lay down a single groove and build around it. Take "Garza Girls"- which starts off with a mellow guitar intro only to explode into the verse that has such a sense of urgency that it feels like the song is trying to catch up with itself- which in turn gives way to a pretty dreamy pre-chorus, "I don't mind if the sun don't shine... I just want to see yours become mine"-  which then gives way to the chorus that absolutely jams. All these flavors, tones, musical arcs exist in one song and it all works building to a nice conclusion. This writing style is evident in a lot of the songs on Mellow Cruisers making it a really fun and musically interesting. The songs are dramatic when they need to be. They have ebbs and flows and can burst into awesome jams. The songs also are melodically dense and Matt Schmalfeld's gritty vocals has that "defiant teen" feel as a natural matter of course.

"Indian Chief" pumps out mosh worthy driving rock and veers into dirty psychedelia. "Punk Confusion" dominated with a snarky guitar hook pounds you into submission. This song is bad ass and I love the guitar lead work. "Subway Girl" manages to feel retro in both a late 60's Brit Rock and mid 80's new wave kind of way, "I met you at the bus stop running... you were in a uniform." Track 5 -"Dhaga" is subtle and sweet with an almost trancy George Harrison feel but it doesn't stay there long moving into a surprising bridge and other changes before coming back home.  "Persecuted" with it's bright guitar and strong downbeat feels like a haze of psychedelic pop. "Funspot" feels like your girl and best buddies wreaking havoc on a Saturday night and has this purely fun guitar jam near the end. "Ears and Eyes" and "Chili" are songs I have enjoyed live sound incredibly thick and potent on this record. The bonus track, "Extensions" (probably the most mainstream sounding track on the album) is a straight forward rocker about the in's and out's of the judicial system (or not) "did you catch the bad guys... working with the police... are you working with the police?"

Through the countless shows Audacity has played they have undoubtedly learned who they are as a band. This self awareness is evident on Mellow Crusiers. It is stuffed full of well produced songs that unabashedly, honestly wrap all that post punk fuzzy goodness around well written melodies. This is an album that I doubt you will get tired of, in fact, it is one that you will listen to for years to come.
Adler Bloom

The Audacity is Cameron, Kyle, Matt, Thomas

You can stream Mellow Cruisers (Burger/ Recess Records) at Noisey. Check it out, then BUY the album.

August 4, 2012 — The 3rd New L.A. Folk Festival

 The 3rd New Los Angeles Folk Festival
returns to Zorthian Ranch
August 4, 2012

The day is almost here. On Saturday, people will gather for a one of a kind music festival at the legendary Zorthian Ranch. Don't miss the opportunity to visit this amazing place and be part of some history-making yourself.
Our incredible line-up of bands features over 30 great local acts (and a few out-of-towners) putting a new spin on what folk music has come to mean for today's culture. It's music for the people, music that creates an experience, music that relishes the California dream of sunshine and weirdness. The Folk Fest's job is to enhance that experience as best as we can, by placing it in the most surreal setting, perfect in all its imperfections.
Zorthian Ranch is a historical party place built by hand out of junk, spare parts, and the relics of legendary parties over the course of 50 years. It sits at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, just 15 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. Bohemian legend Jirayr Zorthian was a reknown muralist and party host, who surrounded himself with artists, scientists, inventors, musicians, and the greatest oddities. 
You are invited to dip in the pool, explore the grounds, visit the animals, play croquet, splash in our homemade waterpark and kick up dust during our square dance. Last year, hundreds of stomping feet created a 10 foot cloud of dust. (Bring a bandana for the square dance, like a real cowboy.)
The first bit of the day will feature acoustic, unplugged performances spread all over the ranch in every nook and cranny, then we’ll plug in for the rest of the day.
In addition to music we have dancers and performance artists and several other indescribable surprises.
What we're doing is crazy as far as music festivals go. For that reason alone, ya don't wanna miss this. 
Check out this great article about the festival from Pasadena Now.
We've got an incredible LINE-UP
Watch and listen to the lineup at this link.
Beachwood Sparks, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, Spindrift, Tom Brosseau, White Magic, Restavrant, Pisces, Triple Chicken Foot ft. Tony Jourdan, Guy Blakeslee (Entrance), RT n’ the 44s, Leslie Stevens, Emily Lacy, Cowboy and Indian, Tommy Santee Klaws, Sea Of Bees, Domingo Siete, Geronimo Getty, Yellow Red Sparks, Dirt Bird, Kera & the Lesbians, Gwendolyn, Oliwa & the Pleasure Circus, Stripminers, Madame Headdress, Avolcano, Kitchen Hips, Fort King, Dustbowl Revival, David Feuer, Mrs. Hobbs & Ketchup Soup, Jenny Long, Tall Tales & the Silver Lining, Steve Kalinich (poet), Ocha La Rocha, The Series, Mecca V.A., Bloody Death Skull
Zorthian Ranch is a living work of art, ever more beautiful as it crumbles. In order to preserve the place, only so many people will be able to share this special experience. Hope that you will join us! $25 in advance / $30 at the door / $50 VIP/$16 children
There will be delicious food and drinks and vendors of unique clothes and crafts to enjoy.
IMPORTANT INFO. Please read the website to be prepared for the festival.
Click here for important info on location, carpooling, parking
Click here for what to bring/not bring and the rules
Click here to read about Zorthian Ranch's history
Co-founded by culture tastemaker Daiana Feuer and Trailer Fire Records' James Cartwright, and produced with help from Chris Hajek of Echo Country Outpost.
Co-presented by music magazine L.A. RECORD
Sponsors: Echo Country Outpost, ONE Coconut Water, Trailer Fire Records, Lemon Tree Studios
Keep up on the latest details by following us on Facebook and Twitter and visit the website at

2012 TACO BELL Feed the Beat Lineup Announced!

When you are a band out on the road- money can be tight and it is a drag having to live off of ketchup packages- so Taco Bell is doing their part by tossing $500 in Taco Bell Gift cards out to some worthy artists to help them chow down after those late night gigs. The 2012 Feed the Beat® roster is now revealed below.
Some of the music has been utilized in past marketing campaigns and some will be in the future as well.

Congrats to the bands! Now what about- In N Out, McDonalds, Jack and the Box and MORE- stepping up to the plate??

 2012 Feed The Beat Line UP:

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Elliott Smith would of turned 43 on August 6th

 courtesy of:
August 6 would have been Elliott Smith’s 43rd birthday, and to mark the occassion, his former label Kill Rock Stars is sharing a series of rare, unreleased tracks. It starts with a version of “Alameda”, recorded during the same sessions that yielded the album version featured on Smith’s essential 1997 release Either/Or. This version contains alternate lyrics during the chorus. Kill Rock Stars will also reissue Either/Or and Smith’s self-titled 1995 album on 180-gram vinyl this month, in honor of Smith’s birthday.(via Pitchfork).
Listen below or listen/buy here.I miss this man so much.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Grinch of the Olympics, Tunisian Coach Adel Tiatii goes all Chris Brown on one of his players.

Tunisian Olympic Coach Adel Tiatii is officially the Grinch of London as he bitch slaps one of his players while they are all huddled up. Rumour has it that the player might of been tieing his shoes when Tiatii went all Chris Brown on him. Anyway, Tiatii looks like the biggest sour puss. He must be so lovely to be around.