Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jack Coleman Stirs Up Those Lomo Memories

Jack Coleman knows how to pull childhood or teen memories out of you. He is an expert at making you look back at those fond or not so fond remembrances. What is the bait he uses? Video all done up in vintage style. It may be those old 70's curtains or super 8-ish surfing images or the lomo look with film flare ups and scratches. On some of his evocative little films it is difficult to tell what images are actually vintage and what just have that patina smeared all over them but, I... I like them a lot. I first became aware of Mr. Coleman through all those cool Growler videos and then those Alex Knost / Ford Archbold / Tomorrow Tulip videos. Maybe it is because I used to shoot super 8 films of by brother surfing and he of me that Jack's videos stir up so many emotional flashes. I am sure you have seen his work but if you have not check out his site:

JACK COLEMAN photography 

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