Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is Jack White a Douchebag? Pays Short Shrift after a Short Set at Radio City

Photo: Andy Willsher / NME

As Ricky would say to Lucy, "You got some splaining to do!"  A whole lot of people, especially those fans in attendance at New York's Radio City Music Hall last night, are asking what is up with Jack White's short set. After 12 songs, clocked in at less than one hour, he jammed off stage never to return. Most of his set time on his Blunderbuss tour have been almost 2 hours and at least 20 songs. Fans chanted and chanted and chanted a bit more, only to realize that White was not coming back for an encore. Then the "Fuck Jack White!" chanting ensued. Oh, how quickly they turn.

Fans can be fickle and turn on a dime but in defense of the audience, Jack White's behavior does make him look like a major douchebaggy diva. Like someone who has lost touch with the average person who works hard, pays off their bills and every now and then plucks down good money on those extra things that make life a bit more bearable (like concert tickets). Those extra things that put a lot of money in Mr. Whites fashionable pants pockets. Ticket prices ran from around $53 to $106 after all. There have been some ramblings that White was unhappy with the sound at the venue. If this was the reason, White could of used his illustrious diva powers to have the problems fixed. Even if there was a legitimate reason for cutting the show short (illness or tragic news) it was hugely mishandled. As of the posting of this blog post, those in Mr. White's camp have not released any information or apology.

Set thing right Jack so we can love you once more.
Adler Bloom

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